Worried about Clogged Arteries?

Amazing clinical study.. Website: thesleuthjournal.com Author credit: Sayer Ji, Natural Medicine Link: thesleuthjournal.com/worried-clogged-arteries-drink/ DISCLAIMER: This…


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  3. Great article, pubmed is a great lit source. Please be aware pomegranate
    juice can cause dangerous side effects for someone on certain medications
    especially anticoagulants. I would advise speaking to a medical officer
    before drinking any.

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  5. “Car-rohted” artery.

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  9. Cayenne pepper will also do wonders, probably better than this. Can also
    stop serious bleeding if ingested or applied topically, according to herbal
    legacy dot com

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  12. Arteries clog due to weak blood vessels. To clear blood vessels and unblock
    arteries, strengthen your cells with vitamin c, co-q10, and more.

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