What is Blood

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  1. throwing shade are Lance Armstrong – I laughed so hard. Thanks

  2. so what if people have more white blood cells and less red blood cells in
    the body

  3. Well someone should chime in: what about megakaryocytes and platelets? You
    have 5 million red cells per microliter, you have 1 million platelets per
    microliter, the second most abundant blood cell type. You make 2 million
    red cells per second, you also make 2 million platelets per second. The
    platelets are required for clotting, and they are also made in the bone
    marrow, made by a large cell called a megakaryocyte. 

  4. Yes it is a blood

  5. White Blood Cells is less than 0.1% of blood. I researched!

  6. Great channel !!

  7. interesting! thanks

  8. What is Blood… Baby don’t hurt me… (A great primer for how blood works,
    from red cells to white cells and the plasma in between.)

  9. Nice primer on our blood. ‘Bands’ and ‘segs’ are neutrophils and serve the
    same function. Segmented neutrophils are the mature form. Most hematology
    analyzers do not differentiate segs and bands and report a five cell count:
    neutrophil, lymphocyte, monocyte, eosinophil, and basophil. A manual
    differential would further classify the cells’ lineage but requires
    slide-staining and microscopy. Platelets should have also been included.
    They serve a crucial role in our blood. Maybe you intend to do another
    video on coagulation to describe their function and the clotting factors?
    Tie in hemophilia and the royal family!

  10. ما هو الدم؟ وما هي أنواعه؟ ومن أين يأتي؟ وما الذي قوم به في الجسم؟ إجابة من
    لقطة رسومية (فيديو).

    د. محمد قاسم

  11. Blood, a river of life so precious, every child in the world cries when
    just one drop of their own is spilled. Moms everywhere then trade secrets
    on how to get it out of their child’s clothes.

    Everyone seems to know blood is needed to transport oxygen and nutrients
    throughout our bodies, but what exactly is it and where does it come from?

  12. Very informative and well made, good job. I learned a lot!

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