Understanding High Blood Pressure – The Risks

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  1. Useful video.

  2. Useful video.

  3. Thanks.

  4. Thanks.

  5. wife left me and my pressure has been way above stroke levels for 2+ months
    now. Girl at the walgreens tonight said I should rush to the er with the
    reading she got. last place I want to go.

  6. What if your diastoic is high? My last check was 155/105. I’m a 32 year old
    guy, good BMI (22), avoid sugar, salt & coffee. Could eat more fruit & veg
    (about 3 portions per day), could exercise more (drive for a living) & take
    up something like tai chi for stress relief. Dont want to down the road of
    medication. Seeing my GP next week hopefully.

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