Understanding Blood Pressure Medication

Understanding Blood Pressure Medication

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Question by Jellybean: What blood pressure medication is good for people with moderate to high anxiety?
My husband has high blood pressure and also has had issues with panic attacks in the past and anxiety. The blood pressure medication that he just went on today has casued him to have a racing heart and feel very anxious. Is there a blood pressure medication out there that does not have this side effect – as he has been doing great with his anxiety until today.

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Answer by pistons!
he needs to get anxiety meds

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  1. There are a whole lot of blood pressure medications out there. If your husband is having bad side effects from this one, then he needs to call his doctor and ask for something else.

    Beta blockers are used to treat high blood pressure, and sometimes off label for anxiety. They usually work best for specific types of anxiety though, not general anxiety. They aren’t really effective for anxiety that’s just caused by worrying about things, or panic attacks. These drugs include Atenolol, and Propranolol. If his anxiety was under control before, then one of these medications might reduce the symptoms he’s having now. Best to ask the doctor about it though.

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