Understanding a Blood Pressure Reading (Health Guru Tip)

“It’s 120 over 80,” your doctor says. But what does your blood pressure reading mean? Watch great health videos that don’t suck: healthguru.com.
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  1. my bp is100/60@60 veggy tennis niacin i feel great !

  2. Steady I Really Like This Video Understanding a Blood Pressure Reading

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  4. meditation reduce my hypertention without medicine

  5. Go Vegan to lower Blood Pressure 😀

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  7. @wakingup2010 change to his doctor. see what he says.

  8. I had 186 over 110 monday and I am 17, does this mean I have to go into
    surgery? today in school I had my nurse check my blood pressure and now it
    is 136 over 80 and my doctor said the green tea pills that said was all
    natural was the main cause, wow how the fuck can they sell these fat burner
    pills over the counter if all they do is damage your heart, i have not lost
    that much weight anyways

  9. mostly doctor say wrong to customer, be carefull all ways pray to avoid the

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  14. Your Video Is Very Useful Sharing Understanding a Blood Pressure Reading
    (Health Guru Tip)

  15. i have 120 / 79 and 76 hearthits

  16. Good, I like that you share this video, I wish success always Understanding
    a Blood Pressure Reading

  17. I just did mine 138/88 and my doctor says its fine, I said isnt that kind
    of high? She says thats consistant with past readings……..My husbands is
    lower than that and his doctor gave him heart pills……

  18. I Love The Video It Can Increase My Knowledge Understanding a Blood
    Pressure Reading (Health Guru Tip)

  19. im fifteen years old n when i take my blood pressure its seems that its
    125/85 n i told my doctor n they said it was normal…last time i also had
    it at 144/93 n i told my doctor n they said it was normall…u think this
    is normal?

  20. Before you try meds please try juices with cellery and/or beetroot in them.

  21. By the way, the doctor never told me what my blood pressure was, he only
    said it was high. I fired him, and feel good with no meds.

  22. @RAWV3GAN id rather have the high blood pressure…

  23. my neighbor bloodpressure is like 190 or some shit like that. he’s thin and
    exercises. His wife is fat but has doesn’t have high bloodpresure , waht
    the fuck man

  24. im 6000/10000000 is that good?

  25. I have already suffered 2 heart attack & have what my phsyican calls
    dangerously high triglycerides & LDL, and i was told that if i do not get
    these levels under control i will have another. This did frighten me and i
    knew i needed to do something to reverse this damage. I knew plant sterols
    were powerful so i tried Sterolyn, and i’m very proud to say that my
    triglycerides have gone from 512 all the way down to 155. LDL count down
    from 240 to 132. Great product.

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