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Question by kwbetti: What could it mean when your doctor tells you that your kidneys are not filtering the protein correctly?
I am being treated for ongoing high blood pressure previously untreated for 1 1/2 years and prescribed medication that seems to be working and onset diabetes type 2 medicine and diet prescribed. I am 42 years old and a woman; the blood work did not show this and was found by 24 hour urine sample. Referred to Nephrologist Specialists.

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Answer by Ice4444
Your kidneys are not filtering properly thus above avg. protein is seen in your urine. This could be a mild problem.

Make sure you see your Nephrologist.

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  1. You go boy friend I like what you do

  2. You might be in for trouble.

    My advice : stay off animal proteins, change your diet and become vegetarian, preferably a Vegan.

    Carry on for 6 months and check your kidney function after.

  3. That your kidneys are broken and you may want to ask an actual doctor this and not a bunch of idiots on some stupid website. I think it makes sense. and you may want to exercise more and eat better. Its a great cure for most illnesses

  4. If your kidneys are not filtering protein properly then it’s a sign of trouble. High blood pressure and diabetes are extremely hard on your kidneys.

    See your nephrologist as soon as you can.

  5. There was excess protein in your urine. You will probably need a kidney function test, as this could be the beginning stages of chronic kidney disease.

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