The Circulatory System

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  1. I feel like I should be in a classroom right now watching this on a rolled
    in TV. So 90’s! 

  2. Some information is completeley wrong, i have searched all over, and blood
    pressure of 120/80 is a NORMAL blood pressure, not high blood pressure

  3. Good except that 120/80 is not high blood pressure. It is a
    pre-hypertensive blood pressure.

  4. This is just awesome. I reached out to my students with this video. Thank

  5. loved it with my Val. share it with your kids.

  6. This video helped me study for my biology test thank you

  7. thanks, you helped me for the final exam that i had of biology :´D

  8. the faculty of medicine it’s the hell itself :(
    fuck up -_-

  9. Great video helpful

  10. Played to much video games , now I’m studying the night before

  11. Well I cant believe I had to watch that for some stupid school assignment. 

  12. Oooo in our body like this happen

  13. Mind blown…-_-

  14. I like the video, but why are all the Circulatory system 240p. dat 240p.

  15. Gujrato launguage

  16. The Circulatory System

  17. damnnn informative !!!! thank you soooo much im ready for the exams nowww

  18. This is useful

  19. very informative I must say :)

  20. OMG am I the only one feeling like this was an overload?

  21. nice and informative

  22. Great video, very informative

  23. what borring is this video!!!!! i have to watch them to answer this
    1.Why only diffusion is insuficient to exchange oxigen and nutrients in
    multicellular animals?
    2.According to the video, what are the basics components of the blood?
    3.Describe the differences between the blood types A, B and O.
    4.What is the Rh Factor
    5.Describe the molecular structure of hemoglobin?
    6.what is cooperative binding?
    7.How the body controlls the blood presure?
    8.What is vasodilation and Vasoconstriction?
    9.How response the circulatory system to exercise?

    if someone can help me please answer with the answers 

  24. awesome !

  25. Not a bad video I must admit but it would be nice If she could pronounce
    capillary properly.

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