The Benefits of Beet Juice for Superhealthy Blood

Many people are familiar with the red beetroot, but did you know that this common produce market vegetable, when juiced, contains some pretty potent nutritional components you might not know…


  1. A little tip: adding raw coconut oil to your juices will help your body
    absorb the nutrients better.

  2. Great information , Thanks

  3. “10 times more nutrient rich” I disagree. Juice is only part of the
    nutrient. You are missing a lot of the nutrient by only drinking the juice.
    The juice is still in the plant when you eat the whole plant, To say “10
    times more nutrient rich” is saying that the juice becomes 10 times more
    nutritious just because it was extracted, and that is not at all true.

  4. Nature has a way of providing some awesome foods to maintain our health.
    Everybody should eat superfoods daily to optimize health.

  5. Great vid but the background music is too loud.

  6. I love beets. For some reason the beets a restaurants taste better than
    when I make them. No sure why. I will try to juice beets again too. I mixed
    up a bad batch with other fruits last year and never juiced them again. :(

  7. Thanks for this great information — I planted some seeds in the Fall, will
    have lots of beets this Spring. 

  8. #Juice the Greens with the Beets + use the Fiber to make cake or vegetable
    balls with ground flax seeds + spices:

  9. Take a look at this video on YouTube:

  10. Beet juice has a very strong detox effect on ones liver. It should be
    diluted when people first start to drink it.
    One can dilute it with some apple juice or water.
    People who are toxic can feel extremely nauseous if they start with a 1 cup
    serving. Increase dose slowly. 

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    thanks you for sharing!!

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  13. Im on the lowest dose of statins after a heart attact two years ago and im
    wondering wether having beetroot juice every day instead could be an
    alternative ? 

  14. The Benefits of Beet Juice for Superhealthy Blood:

  15. Love it. Thank you. I usually have it mixed with pineapple but today I
    tried with green apples/carrots and added some ginger. So delicious.

  16. Dig it!

  17. It will last all week,2 cucumbers cut-up soak in red wine vineger. A bag of
    organic carrots. Cut up 6 beets soak in water. now blend in juicer,put in 2
    jars for the week. Put the left over in your garden,the worms will love it.

  18. Good video except at 13.04, you spelled “lose” wrong. (You used “loose” –
    the opposite of tight – instead.)

  19. I’m curious about the multiple mentions of drinking the juice for it’s
    concentrated affect. I guess my definition of concentrated might be
    different in some way. If you eat the whole beat, chewing it up properly
    of course, you would be consuming X amount of beet juice with all it’s
    properties. If you Juice that Beat and consume the same amount of juice as
    that same eaten beet would have contained…how is it concentrated? Are
    you referring to the likelihood of the body absorbing more of the nutrients
    than it would if you were eating it (as most of us don’t chew our food
    anywhere near enough before swallowing), or am I missing something here?

  20. Great vidio Guys, Thanks.

  21. The Benefits of Beet Juice for Superhealthy Blood:

  22. “You can eat raw beets but it’s the juice that has all the nutrients…”
    Duh… if you eat the beet, you get all it’s juice as well. I’m wondering
    if anyone else caught this…?

  23. The Benefits of Beet Juice for Superhealthy Blood:

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