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Dr. Newman explains that there are various approaches for treating migraine headaches, including ones that deal with the actual headache itself and preventative measures before a migraine attack…. Find More Blood Pressure Medicine Articles This is my story of using EFT to lower my blood pressure while actually in my Doctors surgery recently. I first learned EFT from Brad Yat… Question by Colton: Is having high blood pressure bad…? I know it’s kind of a stupid question but I was wondering how bad high blood pressure is. I am 18 years old and everyone in my family has it. I just checked mine and it is 151 over something. What does high blood pressure lead to? Is there anything I can do or take to lower it? …please… Read Article → High Blood Pressure Cure – in this video, I reveal how and why drugs are no high blood pressure cure. I also tell you exactly … Video Rating: 3 / 5 Question by nicster45: How to get off my diabetic and blood pressure meds? I have been a type 2 diabetic and have had high blood pressure for 6 years now. I am sick and tired of taking (and paying for) these meds. I hear and read about people treating their diabetes with just diet and exercise. Where is the best information on how… Read Article →

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