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Blood pressure readings are typically placed into four categories, including normal, pre-hypertension, stage one hypertension and stage two hypertension. Lea… Video Rating: 5 / 5 Question by John: can you get headaches and elevated blood pressure from blood pressure medicine? My blood pressure has been under control with the medication with no problems, Last week I started to get a wicked head ache and I felt like the top of my head was going to blow off. and I had it for a few days I cannot sleep because of it I went to the… Read Article →

A low blood pressure reading is anything below 117 over 70 for an adult, though people who exercise frequently and are thin tend to have lower blood pressure… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Question by Sonia: Looking for a great affordable and accurate personal blood pressure monitor? I have high blood pressure, My blood pressure readings are quite bad between 155/97 and I am taking several blood pressure medications as well for my heart condition I am back from my doctor and I was told by him to to purchase a personal blood pressure monitor… Read Article →

Natural High Blood Pressure Program pdf download: Read on to learn exactly how you too can lower your blood… Question by chris: Stroke due to high blood pressure? hi i am young i have high blood pressure 155/ 90 measured i am in late 20’s what do you think is the minimum age to have a Stroke. Best answer: Answer by Maryyou can have a stroke at any age, even kids can have strokes. I have high blood pressure aswell and didn’t take my meds cos I was trying to lower it naturally and… Read Article →

Welcome to this introduction to the skill of reading blood pressure. There are many parts to the skill of taking a blood pressure. This video is focused on l… Question by Mike: How is homeostasis related to blood pressure maintainence and blood flow in the body? How can blood pressure and blow affect hommeostasis? Best answer: Answer by girlygirlhomeostasis is a given range where your body needs to keep its blood pressure, temperature, etc. at, flow and pressure go hand in hand and needs to be kept at a certain level for optimal functioning. What… Read Article →

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