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Official Site: – Gain an insight to the real reason people suffer from high blood pressure, and from this understanding… Video Rating: 3 / 5 Question by mockachee: how can you lower your blood pressure naturally? i would like to lower my blood pressure without taking any medication. does anybody know how i can do this? thankyou. Best answer: Answer by melmeditation Add your own answer in the comments! Mangosteen fruit ( peeled ) …Trái Măng Cụt đã bóc vỏ …. Image by Vietnam Plants & The USA. plants Chụp hình ở huyện Củ… Read Article →

Describes the mechanism of action of various medications used to treat hypertension and other cardiac complications. Facebook:… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Question by Rico: Can untreated hypertension in young age lead to erectile dysfunction ? I’m talking about hypertension itself not its treatments. I know many anti-hypertensive drugs can cause erectile dysfunction. I’m 29 years old. I started suffering erectile dysfunction at a very young age, I was almost 16. However, I’m sure I was very well before that age and used to have excellent erections. At 16 I suddenly lost every type… Read Article →

Official Site: – The Secret to Natural Blood Pressure Control. Where you can learn about the new amazing natural method… Question by outdooreli: Can I adjust my diet to lower my blood pressure by staying under Recommended Daily Allowances? Hello. I’m 25 years old and I recently had a physical which showed I have “borderline high” blood pressure. It is a genetic condition, but I am trying to fight it without supporting the pharmaceutical companies. My dad is able to control his blood pressure, but he uses expensive prescriptions. I get exercise and I… Read Article → High blood pressure, or hypertension, can cause serious long-term problems, i… Video Rating: 0 / 5 Question by .: What do you take for your hypertension if you have hypertension that is? I have been getting tension headaches everyday for the past 4 years and somebody said to me that I could have hypertension, and that beta blocker is what is good for the condition. And they give it to children who suffer from migraines, I will go to the doctors about but was just wondering if you could give me any advise on… Read Article →

Hypertension. Question by J: How long can someone expect to live with untreated Pulmonary Hypertension? How long can someone expect to live with untreated/undiagnosed Pulmonary Hypertension (Secondary or Idiopathic) from the first signs of symptoms? Also, how are you qualified to answer this question? Best answer: Answer by Angel_Of_Darkness2156Usually someone with untreated and undiagnosed Pulmonary Hypertension is expected to live up to three years. Even though no one knows for sure, for doctors have not discovered much information for this disease, it’s the average period of time someone is expected to live. I know this… Read Article →

pathophysiology of hypertension. Video Rating: 4 / 5 Question by Benisato: What are some home remedies for hypertension? I know that there are medications to treat hypertension but are there other natural home remedies that can aid in lowering blood pressure? Best answer: Answer by Koalabearmore sex Add your own answer in the comments! Related Hypertension Articles

Hypertension results when the heart and arteries are straining to move blood through your body What you should know: •Hypertension is a serious condition •Th… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Question by debodun: What could be the cause of uncontrolled hypertension? My primary care physician and cardiologist are scratching their heads over my condition. My pressure is ALWAYS around 160/90. They have tried almost every prescription to treat my high blood pressure. Right now I’m on Hyzaar in conjunction with Norvasc, both at the maximum dose and my pressure hasn’t budged a millibar. I tried… Read Article →

Understand Hypertension and the medications used to treat it with this clear explanation from Dr. Roger Seheult. MedCram: Medical Topics Explained Clearly by… Question by mike3946: How can Hypertension cause an insufficient supply of blood to the heart? I understand that hypertension is an increased blood pressure in the arteries which in turn causes heart failure. But how? how does an increased blood pressure cut the supply of blood to the heart? Best answer: Answer by Juliabasically – if your arteries are clogged up with fatty deposits your heart has to work much harder to… Read Article →

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