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High blood pressure afflicts millions of Americans, but did you know that acupressure on certain heart and large intestine points can actually help lower blo… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Question by min min: Natural Cure for high blood pressure? Is there any natural ways ot cure high blood pressure Best answer: Answer by THE WANDERING WIZARDI heard bananas & orange juice help to lower it. Add your own answer in the comments! Find More Blood Pressure Articles

Acupressure can relieve high blood pressure through the use of pressure points. Combat high blood pressure through acupressure in this free video by a licens… Question by HotJava: High Blood Pressure: Control it naturally? My doctor called yesterday and said that she was concerned that my last two appointments my blood pressure was high and wants to get me on meds. I have been reading up on it. I read that once I start taking high blood pressure meds I will be on it for life. I don’t want that! I have been 75 pounds… Read Article →

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