Strong Medicine ”Rhythm of the Heart” 2/2

Strong Medicine ''Rhythm of the Heart'' 2/2

Special upload for JanetriceRoberts” I DO NOT OWN THIS SHOW S06E16 Rhythm of the Heart Kayla and Peter treat Eric for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and while …
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Question by nick a: If heart disease is still number 1 killer in U.S. what good has the American Heart Association done?
Are they Honest with there conflicting outcome of alternative heart medicine or are they just big business?

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Answer by namairb2
The info you’ve gotten from someplace has been somewhat biased. The problem is that there are so many disorders and illness’s that go along with any type of heart problem they all get put into just one category. If you go to and enter heart disease in the search area the link you’ll get will show you what I mean. Good luck and God Bless

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  1. Every decade people with heart conditions are surviving longer and better. So they have done much good.

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