Strengthen Arteries, Clean Them, Stop LDL | Cholesterol Health ~~~Nancy

Why our bodies put out more cholesterol than they need. Statin drugs are more dangerous than I knew. White sugar, white flour and white rice are not our friends. With busy schedules we don’t…
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  1. Hi Everyone who watches! I totally forgot the Omega 3, 6 and 9: and the
    I’m out of them, so, out of sight – out of mind. If I think of anything
    else; or – if you do; please let me know. I’ll make a Part Two: with the
    Omega’s and The CoQ10.

  2. Hi Nancy,

    Great video. You may also try a whole food vitamin c called ” cyruta plus”
    It is called the rotor rooter of the arteries. It’s produced by a company
    called standard process. There are some great reviews on Amazon.

    Be Blessed. 

  3. I believe you meant to say a lot of deaths are caused by an overdose of
    prescription meds and not dietary supplements

  4. I’m dumping my Himalayan salt and will go with Celtic instead. Someone made
    an argument that the locals don’t use Him salt at all. That’s a huge red
    flag. Only some crazy Westerners came in and buy their salt. I agree with
    that assessments and will not buy any more Him salt. Good luck.

  5. Great video Nancy. Very interesting information. Thank you for sharing. You
    may have given me more years to spend with my amazing family :-)

  6. How I prevent strokes, eat the outside of the orange! ~~~Nancy

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