Stents for blocked arteries versus medication and lifestyle changes

Are stents better for blocked arteries than medications and a healthy lifestyle? One of the commonest procedures performed around the world is called stentin…
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  1. Same here. I work hard, i run every day. I am 39 years old. I get physical
    checks yearly that are mandatory due to nature of my work, and had no
    anomaly found in 21 years of my work medical history. I am in great
    physical shape, and again, I fell down on the floor at my local bakery
    store due to sudden heart attack. Doctors saved me( Thank you, Dr.
    Blagica), did a crapload of tests, and everything is normal. I am scheduled
    for a coronography, and possibly a stent implant. Hope for the best.

  2. I just had a heart attack this past Sunday and one of my arteries was 100%
    clogged. The stent was put in and I can say it saved my life too. I am on a
    regiment of aspirin, statins and blood clotting blockers and I need to see
    how everything works out.

  3. I lead a good lifestyle, exercised every day and ate right…still had a
    heart attack due to genetics and stress. I got stented…I take medication
    and still exercise and eat right. That little stent saved me.

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