Scientific Variables

Scientific Variables

Learn about scientific variables with Jacob and Mr. Koning.
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  1. using in 9th grade right now cx im a student :P

  2. what makes this design unique is that they are using plants to explain how
    things change based on what or how you provide somthing for the design. I
    think that this design was used because it easy to see what has changed in
    the expirement.

  3. we had to watch this for 9th grade science homework

    thanks this really helped lol

  4. Great video, it helped me understand better thanks!

  5. I watched this in science class!

  6. xD 

  7. Using it in summer schools across the UK… thanks Alex

  8. My Intergrated Science teacher asked our class to watch this video

  9. Anybody here doing this for the cambridge summer homework? I am.

  10. really awesome and help me a lot….just wanna have Chinese edition….

  11. thank your so much!!!

  12. Thanks 

  13. in kc mo

  14. good

  15. I have taken Research Methods twice. This is the only video that has
    explained it to me in a way that I understand. Thank you so much!!!!

  16. how do u do those people

  17. Helpful and easy to understand.

  18. Fantastic.. Helped me so much

  19. Good job

  20. Using this video in San Juan, Puerto Rico!

  21. Using it in Boca Raton, FL! My 8th graders love it.

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