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In the Maximized Living Makeover, Dr. B.J. Hardick comments on why the pharmaceutical industry fails to provide patients with a diet that corrects their caus…
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  3. good presentation.

  4. @sfwdcivic I think its the other way around. They tell you to eat more
    grains and greens to get “healthy”. That’s the mainstream idea for health
    at least. Most vegetables and grains are really cheap and abundant and very
    easy to profit from on the market. Meat products are generally more
    expensive. So if anything, I personally would rather stick to high protein,
    low carb and no processed vegetable oils diet :)

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  6. Google Paleo its a life style not a diet

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  8. @sfwdcivic That’s a good point, and I’ve always thought of that. I’m not
    saying we SHOULD drink milk, I’m just saying when in the proper form
    (unlike almost all modern milk), it’s not as bad as you think. There where
    many cultures who used goats/A2 cows milk and cheese as a staple food and
    they where very healthy (notably their teeth, they had perfect teeth and
    didnt get cavities).

  9. @GsBBoyDan Cows milk is for baby cows only. Human breast milk is for human
    infants only. No creature on Earth drinks milk from it’s mother after the
    infancy / nursing stage of life, much less from another species. I don’t
    think it could be any simpler than that.

  10. ok so whats the correct dieat for high cholesterol

  11. Very true. Please post more of this.

  12. what is the dam diet??????????

  13. well said. So true!

  14. It’s all about the money! You consuming meat, dairy products, and GMO foods
    will only insure money into the hands of pharmaceutical companies and their
    share holders. Go vegan!

  15. @sfwdcivic Meat is bad because it’s grain fed and full of hormones, dairy
    is bad because it’s A1 and not A2 based protein from the original cows. Eat
    local grass fed meat and raw milk from A2 cows. Meat is not bad, it’s the
    type of meat. Grains are the worst of all recommended foods.

  16. @sfwdcivic Which true food pyramid?. Vegetables contains more and better
    nutrients, and grains contain anti-nutrients such as lectin, gluton, and
    phytic acid. Grains cause insulin resistant and other disease, they’re a
    huge contributor to the obesity epidemic. They’re at the base of the food
    pyramid because the government knows they are the cheapest and easiest food
    to produce. The only time grains can be healthy is if they’re sprouted, or
    soured (99% of grains are not).

  17. ok thnx

  18. @ GsBBoyDan Eating any kind of meat is bad, you will be introducing animal
    hormones, parasites, etc.. into your body. (the list goes on and on) The
    biggest difference between Grain vs. Grass fed is the enviro impact (Green
    House Gases). All nutrition on this Earth comes from plants only turning
    sunlight into energy (photosynthesis). The nutrition that animal products
    contain is trace nutrition at best. Grains are close to the base of the
    true food pyramid I don’t know who told you otherwise.

  19. My grandpa has been on cholesterol medication for 15 years, even after my
    mom told him the dangers and imploring him to use natural supplements like
    garlic instead. His cholesterol was so low that he was not able to
    synthesize vitamin D very well, shortly after which he got skin cancer. The
    effected area was removed, but he is still on cholesterol at the behest of
    his lying, insidious doctor… FUCK THE PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES!

  20. im no doctor, but i would definitely say a plant based diet.

  21. true

  22. Great!!! Where Can I get more of this lecture?

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