Papaya Juice & Seeds for Total Body Healing, Rid parasites, Lower Blood Pressure, Weight Loss

Papayas are rich in anti-oxidant nutrients namely carotenes, lycopenes, vitamins C, E and A and flavonoids. Papayas also contain the B vitamins, folate and pantothenic acid, and the minerals…
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  1. Guys just so you know, this video only contains about a third of the info
    on what all the papaya can do. I shot three different videos, one just on
    the Glorious seeds and uses, and how we can benefit from consuming the
    seeds, and another on just the benefits of research on the papaya, I will
    upload them all and if one wants to watch then this will be great by me,
    haha. Thank you for all your loving support, I appreciate you all so very
    much!! Please know this!!! Join the juice revolution at

  2. Great video, Jimmy! Ever wonder why it’s called the *live*-r?
    I’ll have to check & see if our local store has any organic papayas. Would
    love to juice some!

  3. Sound wonderful Jimmy. Just wondering how to tell if the papaya is not gmo.
    Most from Hawaii are. 

  4. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes.i was feeling weak
    and sick all the time. And then i found your videos, now im juicing and
    eating lots of vegetables . It has literally changed my life. I feel
    better. I feel happy too.Thank you for posting these videos and giving me
    my life back. 

  5. Shared this on Tsu Jimmy, thank you for making the great videos. Make it a
    great day!

  6. hi jimmy thanks for your of the first videos i saw of yours
    was when you found sunshine, so was a little worried you found his owners
    and he so belongs with you. and nevermind my suggestion regarding changing
    your youtube format it was i that needed to learn how to get around in
    youtube.i think i can find everything just fine now. watched the video you
    suggested also watched a couple more for reducing pain. im not on any
    medication and rarely go to doctor. low back pain yikes. looking forward to
    begin juicing in january. divine goodness to you.

  7. so glad you mentioned your dog! was wondering how he was doing. your videos
    are so visually beautiful. i’m hoping to get a juicer next month. two
    things i really like when you actually make the juice, what you may mix it
    with and what parts do you add. i’m a fairly recent subscriber and i would
    like to view some of your earlier stuff, but it’s kind of a hassel to get
    to them. do you think you could set them up like SO does? you can thank
    catmacd for my subscription even tho she doesn’t know me from adam. i see
    you both at that channel and she is a favorite glorius goodness lol!

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