Pankaj Oudhia’s Healing Herbs: Diabetes mellitus Type II with High Blood Pressure. HF-127

Pankaj Oudhia's Healing Herbs: Diabetes mellitus Type II with High Blood Pressure. HF-127

This film is a part of report titled “Complex Herbal Formulations in Traditional Healing of India.” by Pankaj Oudhia. For details please visit pan
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Question by happytheclown37: how to lower the systolic part of high blood pressure?
i’ve recently tested for high blood pressure and i’ve taken some steps which have really helped. i’ve improved my diet immensely (much lower sodium intake), and i’m exercising regularly now. I noticed (..knocking on wood..) that my heart rate is generally excellent …usually low to mid 70s, sometimes lower than that) and my dialostic blood pressure is good, usually very low 80s, and often times mid to high 70s – awesome. I’m still having difficulties with the systolic however – most times it’s low to high 130s, and sometimes higher than that, in the 140s and …occasionally, creeping above 150ish. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated? dhanyawad
add’l details – as per excellent questions below: i don’t smoke, hardly drink any coffee, age is 35, height/weight is 5’8″ – 170lb (could lose about 10 lbs), consume no meat/dairy, cholesterol is ~slightly~ high (previous overdoing it when i fall off the no dairy wagon hehehe). i have noticed that my blood pressure will spike if i consume highly sugared drinks – such as sode, fruit juices, ect. But my average standing systolic seems to be around 130s – haven’t figured out a way to consistently get that lower yet … hmmm

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Answer by davidt
deplete salt all together from your diet,everything we buy is salted,read labels for sodium content,the figures given by you blood pressure wise,you sound quite fit

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  1. i have high blood pressure and have been told that the dialostic raises under stress and pain…the systolic is true blood pressure. You don’t mention your age or other health factors. Smoking, weight, alcohol intake,coffee consumption, chlosterol levels, certain medications…etc. all these can contribute to a higher reading. Good link below for info. Thumbs up to you for not ignoring it. Good luck Dear.

    P.s. Now reading that you are other wise healthy and in shape…..Your blood pressure is high normal…..have you had your cholesterol checked? Are you a type A personality? Any family history of high blood pressure? Mine is herititary. Do you stress out easy? Relaxation exercises may help. You say that sometimes it creeps above 150…This really sounds like heritary…in which case there’s not much more you can do besides what your doing already and learning relaxtion techniques.

  2. 130 isn’t high actually. Over 140 constantly then a dr may want to use meds. although it depends on each individual. exercise, lower your salt and sometimes stress or if you are ill can higher your blood pressure.

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