Oxygen Transport

Oxygen Transport.

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  7. @Okeaola @Gottfried2210 Says in my text…could be wrong..7-10% are
    dissolved in plasma, 20-30% bonds to hemoglobin in RBC (HbCO2-
    Carbinohemoglobin) and 60-70% is bicarbonate ion in plasma (HbCO3-) with
    Cl- leaving RBC to compensate for loss.

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  9. 1 mmHg = 0.0193367747 pounds per square inch It’s a useful pressure
    measurement for smaller situations.

  10. wow, breathing without moving the ribs, magically expanding and contracting
    the lungs… Fascinating (ugh…)

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  12. @Gottfried2210 oxygen can and does dissolve into aqueous solution
    (dissolved oxygen levels are a measure of the health of lakes and streams)
    2% of oxygen in the blood is unbound and dissolved in plasma the remaining
    98% is bound to hemoglobin

  13. mmHG is simply a measurement of pressure, it is used in may different areas
    of scientific study. systolic and diastolic “heart rates” does not make
    sense here, heart rates are not what is measured by blood pressure. In this
    video the mmHg refers to partial pressures of certain areas in the body. In
    this case oxygen tends to move from a higher pressure (mmHg) to that of a
    lower pressure (mmHg) .. hope that clears it up a bit

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  16. Deoxygenated blood is actually a maroon type of colour. Its ur veins that
    give it the blue colour you see under ur skin.

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  22. @smilesnblues Use Google and search ‘oxygen transport, physiology,
    cardiovascular system, etc.’

  23. I have low hemoglobin because my kidney (I only have one and it is a
    transplanted one) does not produce the protein that aids in making the red
    blood cells that carry oxygen to the muscles .. so this video I found very
    informative! Thank you!

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