Nutrition Tips : Side Effects of Apple Cider Vinegar for Blood Pressure

When taking apple cider vinegar, consult a doctor to determine possible side effects with regard to blood pressure medications. Discover the benefits of appl…
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Question by Caroline: Is my blood pressure to high?
I’m 17 and took my blood pressure yesterday and it was 133. I’m 5’5 and like 135 and i didn’t know if that was alot. I’ve been feeling dizzy lately and getting these falling feelings. Would that have to do with my blood pressure? And why would somebody have a high or low blood pressure?

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Answer by dioniferlini
Your blood pressure has two components: Systolic or maximum, and diastolic or minimum. Your blood pressure should read number / number. If you are 133 over 70, your systolic may be a bit high, but it is not really something to worry about. You should keep an eye on your minimum or diastolic blood pressure.

If you are feeling dizzy or not like yourself, then you need to go see your physician. Your doctor will be better able to advise you on whether your blood pressure is high, and your doctor can begin to look into why you are feeling dizzy and have a falling sensation. You should always follow your doctor’s advice, especially if you have not been feeling well.

High blood pressure is one of the warning signs of type 2 diabetes, but it is only one of many things to look for. There is actually a good list of symptoms to watch out for on the Type 2 Diabetes International website. By the way, a simple blood test will let you know whether you are a type 2 diabetic.

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  1. They dont want you using the cheap natural product that works 

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  3. By the sounds of this video, there are no studies done. Besides, why would
    anyone in the medical field promote something that is natural. Oh, take the
    dugs instead, it’s better for you. Sorry this video provide pure garbge and
    no information at all.

  4. i thought about having 2tbsp of ACV diluted in 1 glass of water daily
    before lunch n dinner but somebody told me tht its regular use can cause th
    useful fats in ur kidneys go dwn th flush….its harmful 4 ur kidneys….as
    it flushes ur fats through urine……… tht true…plz guide.i really
    need to reduce weight n need help! thank u….

  5. Talk to my doctor? No thanks, he’s owned by the drug companies.

  6. natural vinegar has a bacteria that is benificia to the body. and vinegar
    is a natural anti-inflamitory which helps with blood pressure and
    10,000,000 other things. Doctors have the lowest life span of any other
    group in the United States. One last thing, the samuri drank apple cider
    vinegur before battle. So if you want to improve your health for about
    $3.95 a month, gets some Bragg, its that easy.

  7. Is it ok to take it with msm pills and silica pills? At different times of
    the day, of course.

  8. Go out and get some BRAGG’s Apple Cider Vinegar and enjoy ! It’s good and
    good for you.

  9. It depends on what TYPE of apple cider vinegar you are taking. You have to
    take the Raw / Organic / Unfiltered kind to get benefits. That other stuff
    they sell at places like Kroger and Ralphs is poison.

  10. These videos are old. There are new studies out there.

  11. @Nouri8885 yes its th same thing….n it doesnt hav alcohol…u can hav th
    same benifits…im using apple vineger myself…without alcohol…its good!

  12. Just never use vinegar for heartburn.

  13. I think i’ts absurd that there are no excessive studies on this matter! but
    then again proving that it’s good for you can work unfavorible for the
    pharmaceutical compaines! Asswipes!!

  14. Ok, no studies,but everyone is different,just like snowflakes.Look @ all of
    the claims from regular people who post they use apple cider vinegar.Don’t
    listen to these medical physicians listen 2 ur body.People had it right
    4000 yrs ago,then we introduced chemicals/synthetics.God put everything on
    this earth for us to survive,stay healthy and for medicinal use.Search the
    internet for natural/organic foods and medicinal uses of all natural God
    given foods or herbal alternative meds.I could go on..

  15. I have taken ACV for a year and a half. My blood pressure is perfect. No
    increase or decrease. I lost 25 pounds though. In regards to blood
    pressure, just drop your BIG PHARMA prescription and take Chinese herbs for
    blood pressure regulation.

  16. Hey. Dietician. Let’s have some hard facts about this vinegar.

  17. @shayorshayorshayor You need help, lots of help. Did you read your own
    comment? Its not that serious. Wow!

  18. @Nouri8885 I have read that you have to get “Organic unfiltered apple cider

  19. What a douche the guy is who posted below me. I got brain fog and irritable
    when I took the apple cider vinegar, I won’t use it anymore.

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  24. I bought apple vinager. But it doesnt have any alcohol is apple vinager the
    same as apple cider vinager? I mean will i get the benefits?

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  26. you only list one part of your blood pressure there are two numbers

    norm is 120/70 look at the chart below. If you just had your blood pressure taken the person who took the information would have given it to the doctor and the doctor would have mentioned something to you.

    My brother has 185/90 and doesn’t have your the syptoms you are complaining of and your bp is still in the normal range.

    read the link below it will give you what you need and talk to your doctor.

  27. blood pressure has 2 numbers and yours was 133 over something!! 133 is high as we are supposed to be under 120/75.

    If that was a blood glucose reading, that is still high and I urge you to see your doctor as soon as possible for complete physical exam including blood panels.

  28. you might be pregnant

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