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  1. Thank you for the immunology video I just started that system and ur video
    is very good and informative thanks :)

  2. Like it!

  3. Where is this video in SImple Nursing? I can’t find it

  4. I have a pharmacology exam tomorrow and wished I had found your vids
    earlier. They have helped make sense of some of those tricky ones to
    remember. Wish me luck :)

  5. One question: why do not you get a bigger whiteboard than that toy board?

  6. thanks for the easy explanation!

  7. Lol spinners. great way to help remember. My Pharmacology final is
    tomorrow. Pray for me! <3

    Also why is the MD student watching this video if he studied these? People
    kill me. Smh. 

  8. Just signed up. You are awesome.

  9. man…i wished i found this before our exams last week….darn

  10. Hey Mike! Quick question: Im a bit confused on the leukotrienes. If they
    are the blood cells that produce the PG, wouldn’t they CAUSE inflammation
    and not help get rid of it if we’re giving the patient leukotrienes? +Michael

  11. I thought caffeine was a vasoconstrictor?

  12. THANK YOU!!!!

  13. Side note: corticosteroids also end with “ide” such as: flunisolide,
    budesonide, ciclesonide,

  14. Hey! Cant find any videos on your website, how does it work? Thank you!

  15. your videos are amazing!!!! thank you!

  16. I can’t believe that i just found out about your videos not long ago…..i
    needed you two years ago when i first started…it would of made my life
    much easier!!!! Thanks for the vidz, they’re a big help.

  17. This was wonderful thank u

  18. Pharm Boot Camp I cover the TOP 45 drugs on nursing, and break them down in
    simple terms that you understand

  19. Sure, I am making the Ultimate Pharm Boot Camp – all drugs for every body
    system explained clearly. Which GI meds are you referring to? Antiemetics?
    Like zophran, compazine, & reglan? Or GI antibiotics like Flagyl? Please
    let me know so I can help :)

  20. Good vid, just a heads up: for the “B-uterol” group, you said solumedrol
    when I think you meant salmeterol.

  21. Michael! i am an international nursing student, finished my medical nursing
    school in Russia 11 years ago and now it is soooo hard for me to prepare
    for nclex, but i am trying hard and just found one of your EKG video. It is
    soooo helpful! EKG is something so hard to understand and visualize. Thank
    you SO MUCH! i hope i will find more videos to watch! and classes to take
    from you! I am also bad in pharmacology.

  22. Also, sorry to troll, steroids don’t make smooth muscle relax as much as
    they act to impede the inflammatory response, and “calm down” the mucosal

  23. Hi Michael, I’m a nursing professor, and over all these are excellent. Just
    wanted to point out in your “B-terol” you solu-medrol, this is not the same
    category of drug as albuterol, solumedrol is methylprednisolone a
    corticosteriod or a SLAM drug.

  24. what is that Pharm boot camp ? is that something available to see/ get? i
    really need help with understanding drugs!:) Also, do you have anything or
    planning to record about math and donation? seems to me very hard and
    complicated :(. Thank you! Of course, i am not requesting, just asking..

  25. for show Homie… lol love your name!!! I actually made a song about
    bilirubin lol

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