Nursing Pharmacology – Beta Blockers!! Hi guys!! Thank you so much for your support and for watching my videos, I really appreciate you =) I know that the content in the video is a little heavy & probably a hard to…

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  1. This not only helps prepare for pharmacology but also helps to learn for
    myself being that I have high bp, sometimes 200/120. Ahh!! I come to find
    out i’m not on a beta blocker med, but one time when I went to the ER due
    to dangerously high glucose & bp levels, I was put on Lebetalol thru IV and
    now I know why. It works like wonders and I don’t why i’m not on it in pill
    format!! Very helpful video!!

  2. Thank you EmpowerRN for this amazing video. I have been watching a lot of
    your videos for the few months being in the nursing program. It’s really
    helping me! Thanks:) God Bless.

  3. NuRse CaroLynn your video was great!! I am a nursing student. The way you
    explain the material is clear and energetic. The questions were great!! I
    got all 3 correct! =) A video on the Endocrine system would be nice. I know
    it’s a huge topic! Looking forward to more videos! Thank u! 

  4. Although your main focus was for RNs, know that the layout and
    completeness, coupled with an amazingly easy to understand outline of the
    drug class makes it an excellent tool for medical students like me on their
    final year rotations. Thank you very much, you’ve made it a breeze for us
    to explain it to our patients and evil attendings who cannot wait to pimp
    us. Awesome refresher!!!

  5. can you please do a video on benzodiazepines? this will help me and a lot
    of other people…
    thank you

  6. thanks for this video. could you possibly do a video on insulin drips and
    management of a dka patient? thanks!

  7. This video is verry helpful to medical and nursing people.

  8. Psych medications please.

  9. I love your videos and it made it so easy to get the full understanding of
    the drug. I would really appreciate if you could do other videos on d other
    antihypertensive drugs, diabetic drugs and other common drug classes.
    Please. In addition I love your motivation video, I was about to give on my
    finale yr of nursing school but it gave me hope. Thanks alot.


  11. Is it possible to make a video on Digoxin in like the next 2 weeks? I have
    a project on it but I am having a hard time understanding it and finding
    all the info.

  12. hi i am 29year old i used atenolol50mg per day to decrease my blood
    preassur my bp goes by my anxiety disorder so betablocker is safe to take
    by antianxiety medicen with aten50mg

  13. you are so sweet

  14. can you make a video about anti diuretics and oedema?

  15. such a beauty with brain! thanks a lot for ur video! it improves my
    understanding! ^_^

  16. Thanks for making this video, I loved the video and all the added features!
    I also like how you have the questions at the end of the video and you go
    through the answer and rationalize. Could you make a video about diuretics
    (lasix, thiazides, spironolactone)? Thank You! 

  17. yes benzo please…geart job!

  18. great videos. Thanks ;)

  19. This video just explained Beta Blockers in a way I can comprehend in only
    14 minutes! I struggled with this topic for a whole semester and still
    didnt get it like I do now after watching this video. Thank you!

  20. Inotropes, chronotropes pleaaase

  21. Im so thankful i found ur channel. You have made such helpful videos. Truly
    motivating and inspiring! 

  22. Hey Caroline, great video. I wish this was around when I was in nursing
    school. Do you think they can make your videos so that we can earn CEU’s
    watching and taking a little survey or the rest of those NCLEX styled
    questions at the end to earn them…not a bad idea I think as I do try to
    make time to watch your videos and keep up with constantly educating myself
    and keeping up to date…will do my imperfect best…your explanation made
    all thatI learned in pharm many years ago seem so much simpler as I am a
    visual learner besides just reading it written, will watch again and again
    to have it sink in. I was surprised though that I was able to get the
    questions you did correct raionalizing the answers now lets see if I can
    get those below…not until I watch the video one more time just for
    emphasis ;0)

  23. I’ve been watching your videos before and found them helpful but I’ve only
    seen you from the torso up. Now you have these great graphics and
    background music and I enjoy them. As well as seeing you in full height,
    your beautiful. Thanks for the change. Don’t change a thing.

  24. Thanks for this video! I do have a question though, when we decrease the
    ‘need’ for oxygen in the heart, are we decreasing the amount of oxygen
    throughout the body? And if the answer is yes, how is that therapeutic?
    Decreasing oxygen throughout the body I mean. Look forward to hearing from

  25. This really helped I was so frustrated!!!! Trying to find the information I
    needed without the fluff!!! Thank you so much!!! Keep up the good work

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