Nursing – Blood Pressure

A quick tutorial on taking blood pressure. Here’s a little hint for remembering which reading goes where. I thought of ‘diastolic’ as sounding like ‘diablo’,…

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  1. thanks for this… got my BP exam today!

  2. WOW thanks for this video…it is really helpful. I’m a nursing student and
    I’m now doing vital signs in school. Most appropriate video…

  3. This is very helpful.. I plan on entering a nursing program after high
    school but for right now, to hold over my nursing dreams, I enrolled in a
    CNA course which starts in a couple days.. I cant wait to learn hands on
    how to take blood pressure.!! Thanks for the video.!

  4. Thanks. I was thinking about re-doing the video. Good luck with your
    studies. :)

  5. Great video. I have a 12 yr old son I plan ton practice on. Keep the videos

  6. Thanks. :)

  7. good video. I like how everything was laid back and chill. some cool people
    just taught me a cool thing.

  8. Hi there! i love your videos. i am going to be studying nursing next year
    and was looking for some educational videos and i came across your videos!
    they are great. I love your energy and passion for it. I am very excited to
    get started! thanks for sharing your experience so far. How far are you in
    the course??? when did you get started? i am from QLD.

  9. That was great! Really helpful. Easy to understand. I’m in the middle of
    Cert3 Aged Care, so I’ve been “watching you!” I too!!! am a mature age
    student :) wish me luck!

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