Naturally Reverse Hardened Arteries

Read more about how to Naturally Reverse Hardened Arteries at my site Atherosclerosis, also known as “hardening of the arteries,”…
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  1. cutting out sugars is the number 1 thing for heart health

  2. Liessha…I agree…their are some foolish advice here…but the Stains and
    heart meds are a real no no…. the do indeed kill your liver …..
    stopping all sugars, all oils, all flower and gains is insanity at
    best…not practical and foolish at the same time. The deal is really
    Chemicals in our food…the skyrocketing of heart problems in the world
    started with the advent of stabilizers, preservatives, colors, MSG, high
    salt, fructose, GMO, and processing. Chemicals are not food, food is good
    for you. I cured my Angina by removing processed food, supplemented with
    Lemon juice, cayenne, soluble fiber, multivitamins with amino acids and
    High doses of C . I now also focus on foods that have proprieties for heart
    and artier benefits…and yes I still eat meat…cooked at home…NO FAST
    FOOD…and by the way, french fries cooked in canola oil (at home with no
    other chemicals) is perfectly. The lady is a quack and not even a doctor,
    that makes it worse.

  3. I had angioplasty in 2002. It lasted about 3 months. I then had bypass
    surgery – 7 grafts. This did wonders for me. I could jog again, and I could
    walk long distances once more. Now I can do really well with stress
    treadmill tests, and can go as fast as the machine’s top speed. I use
    fibric acid, which boosts HDL and decreases triglycerides. I take 20 mg of
    Simvistatin which helps improve my TC/HDL ratio. I get frequent liver
    tests, though, to make sure my liver is functioning normally. So far, my
    liver is doing great. I also use many nutritional items, such as Vitamin C,
    lysine, niacin (with my doc’s oversight) which reduces the worst
    cholesterol, and that’s Lpa, the “ugly” cholesterol. I’m vegan, and get my
    protein from beans, lentils, raw wheat germ (Bob Hope ate tons of this and
    lived to be around 100), lots of vegetables like broccoli, pomegranates,
    blueberries, kiwi fruit, cantaloupe, cranberry juice. Meat does nothing
    except to provide Vitamin B-12. I take B-12, B-6, and folic acid to reduce
    homocysteine, and aspirin and plenty of ginger to reduce inflammation to
    reduce C reactive protein. I walk fast for an hour a day. My cholesterol
    profile is 112 TC, 46 HDL, 56 LDL, and 50 triglycerides. The thing is to
    achieve a ratio of 3 of less for TC/HDL. Cholesterol is divided further –
    LDL can be sub-pattern A or B. A is better. It’s a larger form of LDL and
    doesn’t get into trouble in the arteries, whereas LDL sub-pattern B is
    smaller and can get into trouble in the arteries. There is a lot to this
    all. A good book to buy is – “Before the Heart Attacks.” It really goes
    into all this in great detail. Good heart health is complicated, but thanks
    to places like Berkeley Heart Lab, you can get a thorough blood test that
    is far superior to the usual cholesterol blood panel test. 

  4. Eggs are for chicks!!!! Not humans!!!!! Only meat and dairy contain bad
    cholesterol!!! Go plant based… Fuit and veggies!!!!! Eggs with kill you!

  5. This is bordering on reckless advice. A lot of really good information
    here; however, telling people to throw their medications out immediately is
    dangerous. This woman is NOT a doctor and is giving medical advice which
    is irresponsible to say the least. She should focus on her expertise alone
    which is nutrition, which is great information, but she should not give
    medical advice of any sort to anyone. 

  6. You do not NEED to eat red meat. I’ll stick with Dr.’s Furman and

  7. You Advise against ” Warfarin ” ? are you a Doctor ? – your advice about
    aspirin is absolutely wrong. Aspirin functions to reduce the inflammatory
    process that led to the plaque build up in the first place it also helps to
    reduce the formation of blood clots which you spoke are common after
    stenting procedures. It doesn’t matter about your oral intake of
    cholesterol ? How do you think your liver works ? where do you think it
    gets the proteins it needs ? — Your advice without a doubt will lead to

  8. If your Dr prescribed a statin and didn’t tell you to supplement with coq10
    he’s gotta go don’t matter if he’s been your Dr for 30 years stations
    inhibit the bodies ability to produce its own coq10 which is extremely
    important to staying alive….better yet take her advice stay away from

  9. I agree with every thing you say GOD BLESS YOU Keep up the good work your
    doing we need more people like you sharing this kind of information . 

  10. i agree brown rice is better than white, but i believe most peoples sugar
    systems are damaged,including me.if i am right that means they need to look
    at food much differently than others. i dont know the solution for sure but
    stopping most of the sugar seems to work for me.and replacing it with the
    right fats, when i was young i could eat anything….not so now…
    what is natto?

  11. LMAO – reverse heart disease with a high fat cholesterol rich animal and
    supplement pill diet. Wow! Now carbohydrates causes heart disease. Guess
    all those scientists are putting on a big hoax when they claim to reverse
    heart disease with a no cholesterol, ultra low fat, high carbohydrate,
    whole grain , fruit , vegetable, starch, = “high sugar” vegan diet with no
    added oil, or dirt pills.Thanks for telling us the truth about the disinfo
    put out by the PCRM

  12. Thank you for the good info.

  13. Whatever people say. Your information is GOLD ! People will learn a whole
    lot more in this 22 minutes than they will from any M.D out there ! Keep it
    up !

  14. You are incredibly knowledgeable (I am so enlightened) Do you have a CD on
    this info? Thank You 

  15. What do you think about coconut oil? I hear it’s very healthy and has no

  16. Great info :) I love in the hearts of people like your self whom reach out
    to help others to TRULY live :) God Bless~

  17. now i have started eating healthy my digestion seems to NOT be as good
    anyone know why this is please?

  18. What is your take on the low-fat/plant-based/high-carbohydrate diets of
    Caldwell Esselstyn and John Mcdougall (that exclude all animal ingredients
    and all oils of any kind including olive) which claim to prevent and
    reverse heart disease and even have studies that support their claims?

  19. I have been on 325 Mg of Asperin 3x daily for 18 years. I also feel and
    know my viscosity in the blood is so much better with proper diet.

  20. Mine is inherited.I don’t have any of the symptoms you said.

  21. get some probiotics in you. Live is best. unpasteurized sauerkraut from a
    health food store is good. Do not get the stuff on the shelf it has be
    pasteurized killing the good probiotics. This will help huge with your

  22. thank you very much for this video. i am having alot of health problems and
    your video was very helpful.

  23. aspirin doesnt not reduce cv risk ?! So u r saying ..ure smarter than all
    the doctors out there . Get a life @!

  24. You lost me when you started to praise the wonder of eggs ,do not give
    advise that has the potential to kill without doing thorough research.

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