NATURAL VEGAN HEALTH: How To Improve Your Blood Pressure Twitter: @HealthGladiator CASTELLANO: You might suffer from high or.


  1. I eat whole foods plant based diet and my blood pressure is still 139/87…

  2. Hi, 1: I don´t think extracting coral calcium is sustainable nor
    environmentally friendly (harms irreplaceable coral beds). 2: There´s no
    real evidence that it has all the health benefits it´s marketed to have. 3:
    If it comes from Japan, it might be radioactive. 4: Overpriced. 5: You can
    alkalinize your body with a natural diet rich in fruits and greens. You
    don´t need supplements for that. 6: I don´t trust Robert Barefoot.

  3. that was a great reply. very well explained. ok. got it. thanks

  4. what are your thoughts on coral calcium? it was popular like 8 years ago
    for creating a strong alkaline state in the body and for helping cure
    diseases with Coral calcium. they were saying it was one of the most
    powerful alkaline sources available. Do u think its worth taking and is in
    fact helpful with good diet?

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