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Question by chris: Stroke due to high blood pressure?
hi i am young i have high blood pressure 155/ 90 measured i am in late 20’s what do you think is the minimum age to have a Stroke.

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Answer by Mary
you can have a stroke at any age, even kids can have strokes.

I have high blood pressure aswell and didn’t take my meds cos I was trying to lower it naturally and it did lower it a bit and went to the doctors and it was still high but not as high. The doctor put me on a half a pill a day and I find that to be better than to worry about if I am going to have a stroke because that is scary stuff to happen. Hypertension is the silent killer and it’s not called that for nothing. I would advise you to go on some medication even if it’s just to control it while you adapt a healhier life style.

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  1. Don’t worry about the stroke , you are too young for that. However normalize your blood pressure by becoming a RV(Low Fat Raw Vegan(. I got ride of all of meds that way)
    Check them out man. I am there too. Thousands people like you recover health that way;

    Good luck

  2. The risk of stroke increases with age and with what health problems you have however there is no minimum age. It all depends on what medication you are taking, lifestyle and genetics. It would be best to lower your blood pressure to less then 140/95mm Hg because having high blood pressure can lead to severe other several heart conditions that could otherwise be prevented. If you wanted to reduce it naturally then reduce how much salt you have daily, this is something dietitians tell there patients. If your concerned you can take aspirin 75mg-100mg daily to lower your risk of stoke but talk to a pharmacist or doctor first before doing this.

  3. Risk factors for stroke are, age, family history, male, high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes, carotid or peripheral artery disease, atrial fibrillation, heart disease, sickle cell, high cholesterol, poor diet/obesity.

    20’s is young to have a stroke, but not unheard of. If your only risk factor is your high bp then don’t be stressing that a stroke is imminent.

    Firstly, was your bp measured by your gp/nurse. Home bp machines can give erroneous readings.

    Secondly after confirming your bp, look at perhaps why someone in their 20’s has high bp, do you have other risk factors that need addressing.

    Thirdly, discuss with your gp options for reducing your bp, this could be something as simple as changes to diet and exercise.

    Don’t panic, at least you are young enough to make changes, but this does need looking at and not ignoring for the next few years!!

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