My Vegan Story: Curing High Blood Pressure, Allergies and Acne as a Teenager

This is my vegan story. I started in September 2011, when I was 16 years old, as a high carb vegan. I cured my high blood pressure, allergies and acne. Everybody is free to share their vegan…

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  1. Vegan ftw :) Where are you from? 

  2. Yeah girl!

  3. great story

  4. I feel bad about you felt so much unnecessary guilt

  5. I LOST WEIGHT & HELPED MY ACNE on this lifestyle.
    Check out my first video talking about it here! 😀

    Awesome video girl :D

  6. sani THANK YOU so much for taking the time to make this video! i absolutly
    love your videos and this one was like a god send to me because i could
    relate to it SO much. i also first started all raw and really loved it but
    it was just really expensive and hard to eat enough so i as well now pretty
    much eat a rawtill4 or 50-50 like you said! i think the #1 thing about this
    lifestyle is to always keep it HCLF, i dont think the cooked vs raw matters
    as much. i laughed when you said you could eat starches and you said “thank
    god” lol i am the SAME way!! i absolutly love oatmeal and potatoes, so i do
    alot of that. i am only 3 months in my vegan life, but it has been the best
    3 months. i hope to look back like you years down the line and be thriving
    and in as good as shape as you are in!!

    -thank you so much for making this video in engish, if you could please
    continue to make them in english! i would be so happy to be able to watch
    all of them :) also thank you for being so honest and just everything, your
    so inspiring. i also love how you mention your activity level. i love how
    it is much more like a normal everyday persons. somtimes i feel bad and say
    i cant do this lifestyle caus most of the people who promote it are crazy
    active athletes, but you make me feel much better about having this
    lifestyle still be able to work for the everyday person who just dose
    moderate activity, but can still stay in great shape. thank you so much
    sani, you really are a huge inspiration and i wath your videos everyday :)

  7. i found 1% cooked prevented my full results that i don’t want to loose ,
    thanks for telling your story. did you see mine ?
    and if you go 100% you get 100% results. don’t fall for durnariders
    exaggerations i beg of you

  8. Cured what allergies. Where are the blood test papers to prove it? 

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