MUTEMATH – Blood Pressure Official Video

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  1. Now thats how you make a music video!!.. No product placement/promotion..
    No sexism or racism or nudity.. no ridiculous marketing ploys.. just
    genuine good fun and hard work played out to an epicly good song.. also the
    drum groove in the background music for this video is epic.. clearly a
    Darren King beat.. awesome!

  2. Like if you got this song from Asphalt 8 airborne. 

  3. i want queens of stone age song

  4. The best video that I’ve seen. very very creative!

  5. This is nice, isn’t it?

    SONG: Blood Pressure – Mutemath

  6. Download this game on your mobile asphalt 8


  8. love this

  9. reminds me of A-Punk video from vampire weekend. but of course love the
    song yes :)

  10. Love this video!!!

  11. Asphalt 8 brought me here :3

  12. As seen on Jump Start. Vh1!!

  13. Harvey Specter brought me here 😉

  14. Hallucinogenic enemas!

  15. Mute Math has the best music videos ever created

  16. i i o

  17. Better than Ok Go’s video!

  18. I like how they did this

  19. I was making an a playlist and I got stuck after play a Lana Del Ray song,
    and this just seemed to take the mood right back up. that intro was perfect!

  20. 2:20 most awesome drummer of the world !

  21. Ended up meeting the drummer and basist… coolest people ever.

  22. Genial!!!!!!! Ellos siempre originales!

  23. Fuckin wonderful song best out there today

  24. YEAH! i love it !!!

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