MUTEMATH – Blood Pressure ( Drum Cover of Darren King )

Facebook Twitter This is probably the hardest cover I’ve done so far. It had a lot of fills to learn and…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. That was awesome. Great cover!

  2. Thanks so much!

  3. Awesome!

  4. @johnkew Thanks, I appreciate it. After watching a few of your covers I’m
    sure it won’t be the best for long.

  5. Hey nytroopa! How do you remove the original drum track from the song so
    that your drums are heard?

  6. @xchrisreidx Thanks again Chris. I always appreciate your feedback.

  7. The timing is so weird I’m gonna learn it just because It’ll improve my
    technicality and I’ll get a different sense of style 😀 lol thanks for
    introducing to a new/fun song.

  8. Dude, your drums are awesome…. ddrum is really underrated. This song
    looks like a lot of fun. Could you do “Fight Till The Bitter End” by Black

  9. Very nice!!

  10. Thanks so much. This really is a great song. You’d be surprised what you
    could do with some practice and passion for an instrument.

  11. I just noticed you’ve only been drumming a little over a year – damn you’re
    a quick learn! Seriously, this was a tough song to learn and I’ve been
    drumming all my life. Cheers man, and I look forward to your next covers :)

  12. Song looks so fun to play

  13. @Xepher85O I saw that….which means I’d have to do the same with my drum
    cover. I practice a couple of hours a day. Just keep working and you’ll get

  14. Not my favorite song, but you did a really solid job :)

  15. Very nice – it’s funny, I downloaded this song today to cover it on the
    drums. Your cover of this song is definitely the best I’ve seen so far,
    good work!

  16. This is stunning! I can watch the video again and again. Cheers man, I
    really like your style.

  17. @chris19757 Awesome! Glad I could help. Thank you for watching and thanks
    for the compliment.

  18. @DetaRamei Thanks! I really appreciate that!

  19. @sicock86 Thanks! Yeah, the more I listen to Mutemath the more I see how
    truly underrated Darren King is. His grooves are so tight and his playing
    is very musical.

  20. Incredible how far you’ve come in such a short time. Great job, definitely
    your best yet!

  21. You killed this man!! Awesome job!

  22. Monster job, man! Nuff respect!

  23. I really like this ONE!

  24. @charlsant Thanks!

  25. @johnkew Thanks again for the encouragement. Any advice I can get from you
    I would greatly appreciate.

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