Medicine Today In Armenian: Hypertension and Heart Attack

Medicine Today Tuesday, April 9, 2013 Hypertension and Heart Attack Guest: Harout Mesrobian, M.D., Board Certified Cardiologist Hosted by Dr. Sahag Arslanian.
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Question by Pamela: heart palpitations?
i have recently been diagnosed with heart palpitations, wich at first seemed to be nothing, but now are more frequent and getting worse. i have been to the hospital and they did an ekg and ecg also a chest x ray. everything came back normal but now i am experiencing dizziness with them. i cant get to the doc right away what should i do?
i am only 23 yrs old i cant get to the er tonight
i have been to the er 5 times this week. all came back normal

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Answer by dreamcatweaver
Go back to your doctor, please. Heart palpations are one thing, dizziness is another. Even just to get another “all clear”.

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  1. Go to the emergency room of your local hospital.

  2. Call and let them know your symptoms. Talk with one of the nurses. I am sure you can get in on an emergency basis.

  3. emergency room

  4. Just in case you get a heart attack have some bayern or bayer(can’t remember the exact name)available because it can save your life.

  5. stay calm

    panic = worse

  6. try a second opionin, you may have vertigo. but go to a specialist.

  7. If it’s really bad, I would suggest a visit to the emergency room. If it isn’t a critical situation, reflexology worked very well for my mother who suffered with very bad palpitations. She was laid up in bed for months at a time w/rapid heart beat and dizziness. She rarely has a problem now.

  8. I recently went through a similar experience. They gave me an ecg, holter, and did blood work. Everything turned out fine. They couldn’t give me an answer for why it was/is happening. I have noticed though that they tend to be more frequent when I’ve had a little bit of stress or excitement. I would keep pursuing information from your doc. Try to relax for now.
    PS – I am only 30.

  9. If you ekg came back normal have you thought about it possibly being anxiety attacks trust me they make you feel like your having a heart attack at times and even make you dizzy w/nausea and litteraly like your dieing look into it please

  10. If you care about living, see a medical professional. Otherwise, keep on thinking that you can’t get to a doctor.

  11. heart palpitations can be the result of caffeine, drugs (like pseudophed) stress, panic attacks, or heart problems themselves. you family doctor may want to have you see a cardiologist, maybe a psychologist (if you have stress) and then watch your caffeine (& stimulant) intake…be careful of the medicine that you take as well.
    even thought he hospital said that you were normal, they may have not gotten to see your palpitations on the EKG…your doctor may want to prescribe a holter or event monitor for you to wear for a few days to ‘catch’ something unusual…

  12. Try to relax. Have they figured out what is causing them? Stress, excessive caffeine intake, medications? I have them also, and they’re very scary…I had to cut off almost all caffeine and they stopped for the most part. Many times, it’s my esophagus having spasms and it triggers my heart into an irregular rhythm. I try to relax while they’re happening and they stop eventually.

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