Lower your high blood pressure naturally

Lower your high blood pressure naturally

When I was told I have high blood pressure and I have to take medication for life, I decided to explore alternative solutions. A friend passed me this recipe which I tried for a good 3 months….
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  1. Thanks for the info – very long winded. Could have cut this movie by 4

  2. >high blood pressure naturally!

  3. NB I wrote calium, not calcium. :) It IS called calium in English isn’t it?
    Hmm maybe it isn’t…Oh online dictionary says “potassium” – sorry!! (It’s
    kalium in Swedish so I just “englified” it. Most of the time it works with
    these Latin names. LOL!) Potassium lowers blood pressure, sodium (looked it
    up and thank god I did or I would have made the same mistake again. LOL)
    increases it. So eat lots of potassium. Banana and avocado are high in
    potassium content. Calcium is good too!

  4. thank you ur so nice I m gonna tried

  5. Yummy!! That looks delicious and refreshing!! By the way, what country are
    you originally from?

  6. the whole leafs? oh i still have them, i did not throw them, or you meant
    the roots close to the beetroot?

  7. I so agree…I just wrote the same thing before reading your comment! And
    celery when not organic is the worst offender. I always buy organic at the
    Farmer’s Market or Trader Joe’s.

  8. @wushh86 can you just leave out the celery or is there a substitute for the
    celery? as I’m allergic to celery

  9. Nice cup starbucks! hahaha thats the smokin gun right their!

  10. done, I added it as annotation. Thank you for the correction.

  11. no i mean the green leafs on the beat, you have to take it about two weeks
    every day, you will notice a drop of your blood-pressure in about two
    weeks, so you need to be patient. But be careful because when it starts to
    drop you skip a day and do it every two days. When it continues to drop you
    can do it one time a week. xoxoxo Julia

  12. Thanks for sharing. I must buy a juicer. My BP is high and i hate western
    pills as a remedy. God’s own pharmacy is surely a winner!

  13. I did this for three months then could not keep up. It was in addition to
    taking the medication. I am still taking the medication, I need to lose
    weight and things will then improve. Your blood pressure is a bit on the
    high side.

  14. Beets have to peeled, their skin is very bitter… and I always juice beet
    greens which are very anti inflamatory.

  15. no worries, as long as you are taking care of your health.

  16. I try organic when I can.

  17. Can you put this in the movie too? (as it is very important) After a week,
    2 weeks. (or whenever your blood pressure lowers) skip every other day,
    after another week or so, only use it once or twice a week and finally once
    a week or once in 2 weeks. Keep drinking it the rest of your life, once a
    week/ once in 2 weeks to keep your low blood pressure.

  18. Hi Amy this is so nice thanks and hope it will help all, keep me informed.
    love Julia

  19. It is important to use only organic beetroots and carrots since they act
    like filters in the soil. If they are not organically grown they contain a
    lot of chemicals. Of course it would be great if you would also find
    organic celery.

  20. ok, so i will put the leaves in the juice extractor together with one
    beetroot. In your case, now how often do you drink the juice, once a week?

  21. I do peel them after washing them.

  22. thanks! ^_^

  23. Amy in fact the leafs of the beat is very healthy also, just add it also to
    your juice. xxx Julia

  24. omg… this is great i have to try it….thanks for this video amy, good
    job…thumps up…

  25. I hope this will help you! Also be careful about eating too much salt!
    Calium is good to eat too because it lowers the blood pressure. (bananas,
    avocado) I managed to decrease my bloodpressure on these simple measures!
    Eat less salt and a calium rich diet. :) And also take a look at the whole
    lifestyle – avoid stress – both mental or physical.

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