lower blood pressure&cholesterol,boost immune/raw Mango strawberry spinach smoothie | dara dubinet

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  1. you talk to much´╗┐

  2. Looks like vomit. Completely unappetizing.´╗┐

  3. Where do you get your vanilla?

  4. yay!!!

  5. Wow, you inspire me so much……today I made a smoothie with apples juice,
    fresh cherry, 1 banana and a little honey . It was awesome!!!

  6. dara..what happened to ruben and roxy?

  7. You look amazing and r wonderful !! Thank you for a GREAT. Video !!

  8. Your prettier natural like this

  9. Get your colors on!

  10. Would you share with us an ordinary day of eating for you? For example, how
    many smoothies and how often do you drink/eat greens?

  11. so glad! yum!

  12. I’m making this right now!

  13. Looks so healthy & delicious! Can I ask where you got thos wooden bowls?
    Look adorable.

  14. something looks different…is the table longer?

  15. DARA!!!! I LOOOOOVVVVEEE your shirt soooo much!! I think ANY smoothie would
    be amazing in that shirt!! (Especially if it was made by you!!) much love!

  16. oh yeah, and where do you buy your vanilla powder? Do you ever use vanilla

  17. It’s 10:30pm and I’m already craving my morning smoothie :)

  18. too many things in for my taste. I always go for max 4 things like banana,
    apple parsley or stuff like that. putting s many things in makes digestion
    harder and the body can’t get all the nutrients.

  19. oh yes!

  20. Your sprouts are white. Do you really think they’re loaded with chlorophyll
    if they haven’t greened out?

  21. For my taste you put a little too much stuff in your smoothie.mid leave it
    with the spinach, strawberries and mango. Too much is not always good and
    the taste looses itself…

  22. That is a giant blender, whats it called?

  23. :)

  24. oooow beautiful – I love strawberries w/mangoes! I just had 2 mangoes from
    the farmers market for lunch! Loooooving the fresh Guatemalan fruit!! xoxox

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