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Question by notsoanonymousiguess: What are same ways to naturally lower high blood pressure, no prescriptions?
I get hypertensive crisis’s often, where my BP and pulse will just jump to a high level at a moment’s notice, for no reason. Until the doctors are able to figure out why this is happening, what are some ways to lower my BP, without prescription meds? I need some immediate relief now, as I feel one of those hypertensive crisis’s coming on at this moment, but also want to prevent these crisis’ in the first place. These “spells” are VERY distressing and uncomfortable. They disable me while I am having one. They peak at about 1.5 hours but have lasted all day sometimes as well. I have no risk factors for high bp, I am thin, young (35), eat well. I am open to trying anything, herbs, supplements, activities, etc…..thanks to anyone who can help.
John. I went to the ER for it and they were really mean to me, told me it was “somatic” and/or a panic attack. They gave me Ativan but the BP was still dangerously high when they kicked me out. They told me not to come back when this happens again. Now I am already on Xanax for anxiety, so I know it was not a panic attack. I have had anxiety my whole life, so I know what it feels like and this is not it. So they had me on Ativan and Xanax and the BP/pulse was still very high. They made me leave. These are all new symptoms. My resting BP and pulse are well above normal. When I have the “spells” I am usually doing nothing. Last night, was just watching TV and my pulse shot up in a second and the high BP followed. I also get a monster headache when this happens. It is very scary…I hate it.
Thanks for answering me.
My anxiety is well controlled by medicine. I do not feel anxious before or during the time this is happening.
We have a familial history of endocrine disorders. Until I can get in to see an endocrinologist I need to find a way to to lower these BP and pulse spikes. I do not want to take blood pressure medicine, it wipes me out. Problems with the endocrine system can cause these spikes, especially since there is a familial history of it.

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Answer by ladystang
lower stress
lower salt intake

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  1. 5+++

  2. I saw on Dr Oz show. rub both your ear up and down lower the stress level.

  3. A true hypertensive crisis will have a serious underlying cause that must be identified in order to be treated. The typical ways that are recommended to lower blood pressure – such as low salt diet and exercise – will not prevent a hypertensive crisis. These abrupt and marked elevations in blood pressure may be caused by a variety of conditions. In the absence of a diagnosis the best advice is to call your physician immediately when you feel a hypertensive crisis coming on. You and your physician will need to work out what you are to do when these episodes occur. I wish you the very best of health and in all things may God bless.

  4. deep breathing, breath in your stomach should expand count to 5 and breath out count to 5

    also these foods are good for lowering and controlling blood pressure, buckwheat and quinoa. I have these almost everyday and my blood pressure is now in normal range. Also make your food and don’t buy prepackage foods, when I eat prepackage foods my BP can go up and I feel like crap. I stick to organic natural foods. Also dairy aswell, people say dairy is unhealthy but really it isn’t unless you are allergic to dairy, so make sure you add some dairy like yogurt into your diet.

    Heaps of vegies, spinach and brocolli are really good and don’t forget cauliflower, cauliflower is just as great as brocolli but never gets mentioned. Eat at least 5 vegies a day and at least 2 fruits.

    Stay away from processed white foods
    Olive oil, extra virgin is really good, you can add this to salads,this also is known to lower blood pressure, one spoon a day can decrease blood pressure.

    Garlic and onion aswell

    and exercise, yoga and tai chi, I would suggest tai chi if you suffer anxiety as it is really relaxing.

  5. You don’t mention about psycotherapy. It seems that you can have a lot of unresolved issues in you mind that doesn’t allow you to have a quite life. If you can start sorting problems out of you life, you will feel better and in control, believe me.

    Anxiety can take out part of you life and you deserve a happy and joyful life. But if you don’t start where it happens… inside you, it won’t go away even if you take all the prescription medication available. It will happen even if you are not aware of what the triggers are.. some images, odors, situations, anniversaries, etc, etc. You can’t imagine how big is memory and it comes even if you don’t want.

    Good luck!

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