Low Carb Diets and Coronary Blood Flow

Subscribe for free to Dr. Greger’s videos at: bit.ly/nutritionfactsupdates DESCRIPTION: Blood flow within the hearts of those eating low carb diets was compared to those eating plant-based…
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  1. What do low carb diets do to blood flow to the heart?

    In case you missed it, here’s my latest video on low carb diets:

  2. Oh fine…..I cant eat high carb because im diabetic, and i cant eat low
    carb because ill clog my heart, so basically im dead either way.

  3. High fat / low carb diets will clog up your arteries and kill you.

  4. This study is not helpful at all. The data clearly shows the diet to be a
    high protein diet. A correct low carb diet is a high FAT diet. High protein
    in diets metabolise as sugars eventually as their is protein overload. This
    would concur with the data.

    LCHF or low carb high fat as been shown in studies the world over to
    improve health markers, especially coronary markers.

    This mixing up of “high protein” diets as low carbs diets is unhelpful and

  5. One more for the good guys.

  6. I love high carb low fat low protein – great for health as well as dropping
    fat and building muscle, not to mention saving animals from unnecessary
    abuse and death, reducing forestry clearcutting, water usage and methane
    emissions. The only reason people pretend meat/dairy is healthy is because
    they like the taste which is really selfish. I’ve been ignorant before they
    like them so I understand the denial. There’s overwhelming evidence now of
    the dangers of animal protein and saturated fat. Atkins is all fat and
    protein, you can’t have one without the other unless you eat protein powder
    or just trim off fat from steak which nobody does. If you don’t eat carbs
    there are only 2 other macro options – fat and protein.

  7. Excellent video Dr Greger. 

  8. How bogus can you get. You should be ashamed. You conflate a High Protein
    diet with a Low Carb diet. Then you conflate increased risk factors–which
    have shown little more than correlation (not causation)–with actual
    mortality. Makes me wonder who funds you…

  9. Please send this to bloodsuckers Nina Teicholz and Gary Taubes.

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  11. I love it when people “thumbs-down” the facts. It isnt like Dr Greger waved
    a magic wand and made low-carb unhealthy. He reported a study.
    Come to the darkside…..we have berries turmeric and flaxseed….

  12. 71 dislikes from 71 paleo people 😀 Just swollow it!
    You´re fooled by the meat industry, they love paleo.

  13. Case closed.

  14. Good to see some solid science on the subject !

  15. HFLC diets are not high in protein. they are moderate protein.

  16. To all the paleo-idiots out there!

  17. All of the factors for heart disease went down when I started my “atkins”
    diet, hum………who is lying? low hdl , ldl and tri’s
    on a low fat, almost vege diet everything went UP! hum
    ……………what’s up………………………………….every diet
    and dietary approaches don’t work for everyone! That’s the point! What a
    slamfest against low carbbers! There are videos about 40yr old vegans that
    die of heart attacks also……………..Why is that? if I would have
    known this 4 min 17 sec video was another slam against “atkins/low carb” I
    would not have wasted my time.

  18. High carb, lowfat will eventually be the death of one! Here’s to lots and
    lots of BACON, meat and healthy fats!!! I’ll pass on the high carb
    lifestyle and stick with what I’m actually structured from. Protein and fat

  19. such crap!!!

  20. and this is based on a study with a total of 36 participants. And it
    appears that their diets were self administered. Yet we see thousands and
    thousands of great results on the low carb scene in the real world. People
    that lose weight improve all bench marks of health by blood test analysis.
    Improve by fitness measurement standards. Being able to exercise harder,
    increased maximal output, increased duration of output, lower heart rates
    during exercise, lower blood pressure numbers. So this one study of 36
    without any clinical controls makes for a basis of evaluation that leads to
    your statement of absoluteness?

  21. There are also unpleasant consequences of high grain based carbohydrate
    diets: correlations with gluten sensitivities & allergies, the gambit of
    bowel diseases, gallbladder disease, etc. Moreover, those who undertake
    high carb low fat diets are more prone to suffer from systematic tooth
    decay and nervous system problems due to the inadequacy of essential fatty
    acids. I was a strict vegan raw foodist, exercised regularly for many years
    and believe me, I know the unpleasant long term consequences of extreme low
    fat high carb diets. Coronary disease isn’t the only road to hell. High
    carbs and low fat take you on a different scenic root to hell.

  22. Paleo “Diet” fans sure won’t like this video. Ha, but when has reality,
    common sense and science mattered?

    One if the more inspirational people in relatively recent history, had this
    stuff figured out over 100 years ago.

    “Gandhi, Autobiography: Experiments in TRUTH. (Vegan, Minimalist,

  23. High carb low fat vegan diet for the win 

  24. This will probably end up being Greger’s lowest-rated video of all time –
    expect the low carb supporters to come out in droves in support of their
    dietary beliefs.

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