JUICING FOR HEALTH! Super Green Juice Recipe!

GET A JUICER! :) JUICERS.life-regenerator.com And click below for the JUICE RECIPE! 😀 ❤ SUPER GREEN JUICE ❤ * I n g r e d i e n t s * HALF THIS RECIPE if you’re just juicing…


  1. He has a girlfriend? ahhh :(

  2. I love your show I think it’s cool

  3. I think that when you finish juicing you should enjoy the juice you made
    and than say well that is great juice and it’s very good for you. Your
    reaction is what people are looking for after they see you enjoy some juice
    that you have made.

  4. Love this guys vids…

  5. Dan guess what? I bought Breville 800JEXL thanks to your recommendation. We
    call the Jerusalem Artichoke here in Israel also Casebia. Very, very

  6. getting a juicer in the post. just looking for different combinations. do
    love the vid. will post u on F/B Aust

  7. you are da man dan!

  8. “I love life, even thought it’s hard sometimes and not that pleasant”. You
    are right, such is life. Whole foods, fruits and vegetables are definitely
    good for you, just ask 95 year old Jack LaLanne. “If man made it, don’t eat

  9. Our job is to heal people in the short term, that’s why. You’ll find that a
    lot of doctors and nurses use juicers, smoke pot or condone it, and
    exercise and stretch. A lot of us meditate as well. People need to take
    personal responsibility when it comes to health, like this guy.

  10. Hey Dani.. (and Krista) Cilantro is very very hard to find here, and very
    expensive.. is there any other substitute to it? Pd: I am trying to
    introduce my child to raw, and I think I’ll begin some of those “child
    like” raw recipes videos on youtube!! Your vids help a lot they are TOTALLY
    RAWSOME and motivating!

  11. Thanks Dani Great., I guessed right then, I used parsley instead of
    cilantro this morning when I did your 5″C” juice for breakfast! PD:When is
    Krista gonna make a new vid :o) I dont know what happened & the one I did
    to reply Krista’s is gone :os

  12. LOL!! I meant to say juicer, what kind of/type of juicer is that?

  13. Any thoughts on surviving a cold, long winter as a raw foody? It’s hard to
    not hibernate!

  14. Dan the best all the way

  15. Thankyou . your videos are the best .

  16. I hope you add me on facebook. I have learned so much from your videos!

  17. Hey Dan! I watch your videos mostly for the spiritual advice and
    encouragement. I love your recipes but I think there is something very
    special about your videos because you always include the encouragement
    towards spiritual growth and having a healthy mind which is most important!

  18. I have got to have that juicer .

  19. ill have to get my juicer out again and stasrt using it thanks dan

  20. Love you. Takin’ the HIGH road.

  21. Dan is special because Dan makes eating greens cool. Think of all the
    little 15 year olds wanting to eat spinach because of Dan. Think about it

  22. wow dan, now at 2013 you can see how juicing and raw diet has really
    improved your skin and vibrancy. even your voice is different. i started my
    juicing today omg so so delish…having some coconut water now. loving your

  23. Thank you Dan love and appreciation thanks for saving us all from BIG
    PHARMA :)))

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    easily with Fat Blast Lifestyle (search for it on google).

  25. Thanks. Peace. Happy climbing :)

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