Iodine, the Ultimate Healing Trace Minerals for Cysts, Thyroid, PCOD and more Take 10% off with this coupon code: OSK29A 0:00-1:05 Intro to trace minerals and iodine 1:05-2:00 Uses of iodine 2:00-3:32 Iodine and the Thyroid 3:32-10:31…
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  1. Appreciate your brain Dr.Berg 

  2. I use Pink Himalayan rock salt, would that be an acceptable form of Iodine?

  3. Dr. Berg Come to Toronto Canada! I need you in my life! LOL lots of us need
    you in our lives here. Can you recommend any Canadian physicians that do
    what you do?

  4. Nacent iodine!! Look for survival shield 😉 plus selenium!! I do my iodine
    frequently .. get the Flouride out of your water look for seychelle
    pitchers online pretty good price or an under the sink filter that gets the
    Flouride out. 

  5. Thank you Eric! very helpful video :)

  6. They switched to bromide cause the scum that run our country r
    eugenicists… we r being poisoned on purpose…
    Great video doc.. I just got my nascent iodine off of infowars life…. its
    amazing… tangy tangerine 2.0 organic is next… its got all the essential
    vitamins minerals and trace elements….

  7. DR. Berg what product do you recommend that’s good quality on trace
    minerals including iodine? i had very poor diet and alot of the symptoms
    you mentioned in other videos when i got pregnant with my oldest child and
    she has a neurological and motor processing disorder, and now my 19th month
    old needs to get evaluated for possible language delay, can you give me
    advice on what to add to their diet for their brain health is so hard to
    make children eat all the healthy food you want them to eat sometimes. or
    can you make a video on this subject. thank you for your videos i have
    applied your instructions and i have lost 11 pounds already! thank you.

  8. Nalin P and why do u question it’s not food grade? 

  9. that was the most awesome vid on iodine. That would explain my huge
    cravings for yogurt and eggs. My body is begging for iodine. And
    incidently, I ate a lot of kelp today.

  10. Yes Jared the gov’t wants us stupid and life span shortened and they are
    doing a good job of it. In addition to the bromide , etc., they flouridate
    the water which is another fraud perp’d on the sheeple and an endocrine
    disruptor. I use Lugols as well because I am concerned about mercury and
    pollution in the kelp. Dr. Brownstein has some very good info as well on
    this is subject.. Dr. Berg, should we be concerned about mercury in he

  11. Himalayan salt has about 500 mcg’s of iodine per gram and a total of 84
    trace minerals that are also very important!

  12. Hi eric you look great in this video, healthy and your skin looks healthy
    too.i can only assume you utilise all your knowledge in your own personal
    lifestyle.well done.great channel.

  13. Link for Jeffery Dotch please?

  14. i take iodine supplement tablet from kelp.. but what is the ideal dosage?? 

  15. I found this video by researching PCOS, and I was shocked when you mention
    dry mouth and eyes, because I have had terrible problems with that for the
    past year with no explanation. So I’m going to try sea kelp and see what

  16. I think that bromine was added to soften the bread, make it more fluffy and
    last a lot longer at the shelves.

  17. Your teaching style is awesome!

  18. where do you start in assessment and diagnosis? shouldn’t everyone get
    full blood panel testing done to check various levels and look for

  19. I ❤️ you!!!!

  20. Where can we find doctors like this man, who actually care about people’s
    health? For almost 10 years, I went through 3 doctors and begged them to
    test my thyroid because I had so many symptoms of low thyroid hormone and
    all 3 told me it was in my mind and that I wasn’t losing weight because I
    wasn’t watching my calorie intake, even though I was starving myself.
    finally found a doctor 3 years ago, who’s a shitty doctor like most
    western doctors but he did agree to test my thyroid. It was so low I had to
    be put on a very high dose of thyroid hormones. Where can we find doctors
    like the man in this video?

  21. Eric, are you familiar with the product ConcenTrace trace mineral drops?
    I’m wondering if their recommended dosage provides enough iodine and other
    necessary trace minerals for what you recommend? I love your videos, by the

  22. thank you, I had my gallbladder out 1 year ago (gallstones), then I got
    sudden weight gain, pelvic pain, ovarian cysts & in a recent scan there is
    a mass on my liver. I think my bile is backing up burning my liver. I have
    been vegan for last 45 years, low salt, low fat. I have never considered
    iodine deficiency before, I will try this sea kelp to see if I can find
    balance again. I knew there was something link my ovarian cysts & liver
    issues because before my surgery last year both were clear, now I suffer so
    much with weight gain, fatigue & pain. My diet is good, mostly raw vegan &
    wholefoods. I don’t drink alcohol or like sugary foods. getting these
    symptoms is like a slap in the face. I can feel my thyroid slightly swollen
    in my neck, I just did not know what to do about it. Any other advice would
    be appreciated x

  23. u nailed it heavy cycles fibroids cysts high estrogen difficulty getting
    pregnant. wow this is me and i did get fat too.. brain fog my iq is down
    .thyroid is low my eyes are dry the whole board is me omg.

  24. You certainly did I had no knowledge that iodine deficiency, is cause of
    all these symptoms, perhapts many of us are suffering from totally unaware,
    thank you.

  25. Excellent video.

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