Instructional Video for Measuring Blood Pressure CNA Skill

Instructional Video for Measuring Blood Pressure CNA Skill

This step-by-step instructional video will demonstrate the proper way to measure and record the blood pressure, which is one component of measuring a patient…

Question by shih rips: What position is blood pressure normally the highest and lowest?
If a person was sitting, reclining, or standing, which position would cause the blood pressure to be highest and lowest?

Also, if there was an increase in blood viscosity, cardiac ouput, and diameter of the arterioles would this constitute to an increase in blood pressure as well?

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Answer by bmac
“Doctors generally agree that systolic readings of 120 to 140 and diastolic readings of 70 to 90 are normal. Slightly higher readings—140 to 159 and 90 to 94—are considered mild high blood pressure (mild hypertension). Readings from 160 to 179 and 94 to 114 signal moderate hypertension. Anything above these limits is considered a serious problem.”

This explains blood viscosity:

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Blood Pressure
Blood Pressure
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  1. it reads normal when u are totally relaxed in a chair and the nurse takes it.
    It may go up if u are stressed, just worked out, or just ate fat-back meats

  2. blood pressure (BP) is usuall lowest standing position and highest in supine (reclining) position. This is because the blood return to the heart is decreased when standing.

  3. standing position will bring the central pressure to the extremities, standing will reduce in pressure,and laying flat will level to the heart, inclined will increase intracranial pressure. yes specially arteries.

  4. On sides::::low b/p
    Sitting in chair:::::arm has to be at hearts level, if too high-low
    bp,,, if too low, or hanging at your side=
    high bp
    Standing:::::::If the persons bp hasnt had a chance to adjust for at least a minute, the bp can be low. Once it adjusts,depending on how well they’re hydrated, it can be hgih or low.
    Lying on back with arm at side;;;;pretty consistant with sitting with arm at hearts level

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