Increased Intracranial Pressure – For Nurses & Nursing Students!

Increased Intracranial Pressure - For Nurses & Nursing Students! Hi Guys! Thanks so much for watching my youtube channel! I hope you enjoyed this video going over Increased Intracranial Pressure! To enter the …
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  1. I was looking for a movie post duty now and I saw your vid. Today I had a
    pediatric patient who’s having intracranial bleeding (unknown cause maybe
    an aneurysm) however, the child’s status started to deteriorate from bad
    Glasgow scale to active seizures (tonic clonic) then into dilated fixed
    pupils, (received mannitol, decadron, phenytoin, depakine, Nacl3%) we had
    him into urgent ct scan where the bleeding was squeezing the brain causing
    herniation, however an OR done to evacuate the blood then a craniatomy, I
    had him post opp intubated with a ventriculastomy for icp monitoring (risk
    for infection), the patient stablized however… he’s a critical patient
    still seizing and glasgow of 4. I wanted to share this since it’s our
    topic, You learn so much at PICU I love working their ! 

  2. Hello! I am a recent new graduate nurse that will be starting in the
    surgical ICU next month. I was browsing through inspirational youtube
    videos to help me focus on the positive tips that would help me with my new
    career when I stumbled upon your channel. WOW!!!! I cannot thank you enough
    for sharing all of your experiences and advice. You have taken some of my
    greatest fears about the upcoming challenges I lose sleep over every night.
    I have to admit that I was getting pretty intimidated after reading post
    after post on my allnurses webpage about how new graduates aren’t cut out
    for ICU etc.. I feel like your encouragement and genuine interest in
    helping others be successful is very much a talent, moreover what probably
    makes you such a phenomenal nurse. I appreciate your videos and I just had
    to say how much you have inspired the confidence in me to move forward with
    my endeavors as a critical care nurse. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  3. Hi.. Because of your story it made believe that I can be a nurse.. from
    average student to honor student. I’m in the beginning stages.. but the
    results RN. Thanks

  4. I loved this video. ICP is such an important topic to be cognizant of
    especially since it can definitely be life threatening. I also enjoy your
    channel it has been very useful for me. I used the Pharmacology book you
    recommended and had great success. Thank you again. 

  5. OMG I won
    cant believe it lol thanks x

  6. Can you do a video on night nursing vs day nursing? And tips to survive the
    night shift? 

  7. Youve come very far i remember when you started making videos at your front
    door (I think your husband was helping) to your continued success. 

  8. Hi there Caroline…it’s Kim talley! Yes yes I passed the first semester
    finally! And now about to embark on Med Surg 1 I been networking and
    researching on the things I need to do over my
    break to get prepared. Thanks for this vid…it has great info!!! 

  9. I’m about to graduate in May and encourage all my fellow students to
    subscribe, I’m an A student and feel some of it is b/c of you!!!

    Thank you

    Love to win a new name badge for my future job :) 

  10. Thank you! You make nursing easier to understand! Keep up the great work! 

  11. I love your videos & books. You make everything better to
    understand. Thank you!

  12. my favorite quote is “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens
    me” and this channel has helped me a lot through nursing school. I am in my
    2nd year and will commence my clinical experience in January :) I will
    love one of those name badges to complement my uniform and bring smiles to
    my patients as well :) <3 

  13. Very informative. Thanks alot

  14. First view and comment! Always brightens my day to see a new video from
    you. I hope to be where you’re at someday, you truly are my inspiration!
    Best wishes

  15. Another great video. I’m an RN now and I watch your videos to brush up on
    things I haven’t encountered since pathophysiology. Keep it up!!.

  16. Thank you for helping others learn and get through Nursing School!!! You
    are really helping me get through it all. 

  17. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. I love your books look
    forward to purchasing any new ones. Your videos are easy to follow. 

  18. I like to watch your videos to re-enforce the content I’m currently
    learning. Can’t wait to graduate this May…almost there. It’s a long and
    difficult journey, but well worth it. I would love to win a name badge.

  19. Wow just got a job in neuroscience icu and to be honest I learn so much
    just watching your icp video :) 

  20. Another great video! I’m getting ready for my FOURTH semester of nursing
    school and you have been with me the whole way Caroline! Love your channel!

  21. I was curious about ICP, so thanks for doing a quick and efficient video on
    it. I even got 2 of the questions right! ^_^

  22. Thanks for the video. Keep up the great work!

  23. I love your channel. keep up the good work :)

  24. Success couldn’t have not come without a lot of failure

  25. Posting a comment & hoping I win!

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