How To Spray Fake Blood By Special Effects Pros

Learn some great methods for spraying fake blood for your next film project or special effects gag. We show you three really cool FX scenes using a water ext…
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  1. Would a whipped cream dispenser compressor work?

  2. Do i empty my fire extinguisher and then fill it with the blood?!?!?

  3. 9:20 Come in, Snake!

  4. all i need is a fire extinguisher…..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooOooo. Cool video
    though guys, well done! 😀 

  5. Awesome video. How long does the blood take to ship? I’m in NY. In the
    gunshot exit wound was there any special filter or head on the nozzle to
    give it such a wide spray? 

  6. I’m using a pesticide sprayer and my question is, should the end of the
    hose be closed with holes poked through or open ended?

  7. So it had to be a black man….jk great vid

  8. I have a feeling thats a real gun :/


  9. Great videos !! Thanks for sharing 

  10. i’m looking for an ongoing effect for a stage gag, where someone keeps
    bleeding out for around 2 minutes at high pressure.. how long can the
    pressure last with this method?

  11. use a funnel to fill the extinguisher, less messy. }:)

  12. omg the blood looked so so real!!!

  13. Snake! Snake? SNNNAAAAAAKKE!!!!

  14. This was so awesome! 

  15. That’s Pretty Cool.

  16. thanks for showing me this check my videos just got into scary movie making
    hope u like them

  17. Cool Guys)

  18. check out los zetas videos just for a better reference…

  19. Nasty 

  20. Super funny :D

  21. limbs do not squirt blood…

  22. thanks for sharing guys, this was super helpful seeing it in action. 

  23. i love seeing blood splatter
    and thats why i love scary movies

  24. What films use this method for a headshot? Does anyone know. I’m trying to
    find examples that use compressed air.

  25. Thanks so much, guys! Some friends and I just did a 3-minute competition
    short film with some over-the-top vampire neck chomps and we couldn’t have
    done it without your excellent, easy-to-follow tutorial. Synapse FX rules.
    Here’s the finished video if you want to check it out –

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