How to Have HEALTHY Kidneys for LIFE

How to Have HEALTHY Kidneys for LIFE At and we strive to educate people on natural solutions to health…
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    !!@#%$#&@#!!! FREAKING GOVERNMENT!!&*()%%##$@@!$##%^&*&*(

  2. Great lecture! Let me just add this incidental correction. DNA
    (deoxyribonucleic acid) is a nucleic acid, composed of phosphate and sugar
    groups, with purine and pyrimidine bases. However, it does wrap around
    histone proteins for (1) protection and (2) when transcription of new
    proteins is not needed.

  3. How do you know if the vegetables you are buying are genetically modified
    or not? They don’t advertise that kind of information at the supermarket.
    At least not here in Ontario. 

  4. If you are vaccinated what would you be afraid of if someone were not
    vaccinated? Get a grip.

  5. Of this entire presentation, the best advise given was “Don’t be sheeple.”
    Investigate ALL things for yourself, even the information provided in this
    video. Do Not, Do Not, Do Not accept everything presented as TRUTH! In
    science, there is no such things. The information provided is only as good
    as the most recent and valid research conducted.

    BTW, Humlin is a form of insulin that has been manufactured since 1982 by
    means of splicing DNA genes into plasmids from bacteria. Take all
    information worth a grain of salt and insure that you educate yourself.
    Use the World Wide Web for something other than just watching videos on
    YouTube and communicating via Facebook.

  6. The dinosaurs didn’t need vaccinations and they lived longer than any of
    us. Wonder if that matters.

  7. ( referring to what is in a vaccine) I love Duck eggs!!!! What no wolf
    nipples? or crab labia? LOL!!!!

  8. Just love this man.

  9. Got to admire the brilliancy of these organs. AND Bergman who has such an
    EXTRAORDINARY capability of putting together SENSE, SCIENCE, REASON and
    KNOWLEDGE in every presentation. – I love them!
    – Thank you from the highest mountain area of Norway! ((o:=

    Ps..I wonder about those 25 who do NOT like this!?? …oh… probably
    medical doctors, he he ((o:=
    I have still not seen any presentation of Bergman I have been not motivated
    by- and or not learned A LOT from and ….
    And I have years of studying nutrition and health on all levels… He is
    such a resource! What a brilliant mind! 

  10. oh my God..poor children!!

  11. Maybe deal with your own diabetes first before telling others to work on
    their health.

    It always makes me laugh that people like this use fear to gains others
    money. Keep on hearding the sheep fat man, youre a regular jesus.

  12. Not all chronic kidney disease is caused by toxins.Genetics do have a play
    in it.My dad had CKD and never took ANY drugs.He was diabetic type 2 in his
    50`s and later died of kidney cancer at age 68.I inherited his CKD and Im
    type 2 also.A red flag and indicator for diabetes type 2 is high uric acid
    numbers as early as in your 30`s.Mine was 9.0 then AND 11.0 now. My oldest
    son is testing the same.I have passed all the info about CKD to him.Now
    that I take allopurinol I am in the normal range of 7.0-8.0.Its true meds
    and toxins in food can damage us.But that is only one thing that causes
    it.Being born with metabolic syndrome from birth seals the deal.Doctors are
    only now learning that this is another cause.So many of us are suffering
    today because they were ignorant in the 50`s as knowledge just wasnt out
    there.We are guinea pigs for them to learn on.

  13. Thank you for this very informative video. Im trying to learn kidney
    basics.. im trying to solve my excessive urination from my diabetes
    milletus. Somehow i have controlled my sugar levels but i still urinate
    about 300ml every hour in a day even when sleeping i had to wake up to
    urinate every hour and then sleep back and i drink about 1 liter of water
    every hour too. I can’t help to control it. i weigh 300 Lbs last year and
    now i am 210Lbs. I appreciate if you can give me some advise how i can
    prolong the duration between urination. 

  14. Anti vaccine nuts really have to shut the fuck up. 

  15. The presenter does not look especially healthy.

  16. PS…..I currently do dialysis, I feel so strongly……dammm this health
    condition could have been totally avoided. Thank God for the government
    picking up the cost of dialysis treatment, in my area treatment is in the
    area of $1,500 per week!

  17. interesting points ,if anyone else is searching for treatment for kidney
    disease try Cranstirk Healthy Kidney Channel (do a google search ) ? Ive
    heard some awesome things about it and my buddy got cool results with it.

  18. Dr. John, are you aware of Dr. Tent out of Chicago? He does the same thing
    that you do giving all the classes and stuff. He says the Broccolli causes
    cancer. he has videos on YouTube too. 

  19. Some info was good and relevant. I don’t agree on your BPA exaggerations in
    consumer plastics even in things like Sparkletts water bottles. A bit of
    the “sky is falling and sensationalized” in my humble opinion. The data is
    out there, it would take huge ridiculous amounts consumed in water bottles
    to effect you. I bet Food Inc. is one of your favorite movies :) Honestly I
    don’t care much for the nanny clan folks in America. They love to tell us
    how to live. I get you need likes on videos. The whole autism conspiracy
    theories I don’t agree. Lots of research has also been done to disprove the
    link between the vaccines culpability. Monsanto… Really ? Why not add
    ADM, Cargil, etc. Holistic medicine ..Hmmmmm Hello Steve Jobs !! He should
    have been treated aggressively with modern medicine. He would likely still
    be alive with a reasonable chance to fight. Stick to explaining the
    physiology for more likes.

  20. In Indiana they are forcing kids to be vaccinated saying that they cannot
    get into school without it.

  21. Great video! Sent a blast out to everyone on the planet!!

  22. My grandmother’s brother lost one kidney in his early 20’s because he had
    tons of kidney stones, so many they had to remove it. He is now 63, and the
    one kidney he’s got left is extremely healthy,never developed stones, and
    works like a champ. He said that during all this time he drank between 3
    and half liters of liquids every single day, this liquid wasn’t just water,
    he said at least 1 liter and half of nettle tea daily which he carried with
    him everywhere and the rest water. I think this is the only way to keep the
    kidneys clear by drinking liquids constantly, not major changes in diet..

  23. Sugar is to blame for the most part. A high carb diet which the government
    actually recommends (ironically) is also to blame. Fat is not bad. Sugar

  24. thank-you great vid!

  25. Thanks Dr. B, I once had a patient in a large hospital with sever scoliosis
    and spine problems and a host of visceral symptoms. She, in fact, had a
    wing of the hospital named after her. She had unlimited income all her
    life. I asked her if she has had many doctors, “oh yes for sure, since I
    was an active normal child”. I then asked her if even one of them attempted
    to correct your posture (very kyphotic from years of hunching over). She
    thought and thought saying questionably, “why no, never!” Access to the
    best doctors and medical care on the planet and not one, one thought to
    even suggest improving her postural alignments—while they were examining
    her in their office!!!??? Did these same “doctors” discuss stressors, diet,
    water, breathing exercises, yoga/movements, digestive issues with this
    lovely lady? This I doubt also. “Medication is all they ever gave me”, she
    wistfully added. This neglect is criminal, CRIMINAL in the extreme.

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