How to Deal with a Patchy Beard

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  1. +The Beard Baron you seem like a genuine honest guy! I was on the Urban
    Beard website, and for their brush they advertised this:

    “Another benefit of using a boar bristle brush is it stimulates blood flow
    to the hair follicles, which can improve hair growth and nutrient delivery.”

    how true is this? also, with a brush would you recommend brushed after
    applying the oil so the oil is sent everywhere?

  2. do you recommend shaving frequently to get a dense facial hair eventually? 

  3. I’m 29 years old and a few of my friends in the same age bracket, 27,30, 31
    all have patchiness. it’s not just young bucks that have patchiness. I’m
    fighting it, and giving it time. almost allowing the rest of my beard to
    grow and cover. I’m sure by the time I’m 40 i’ll be able to get a thicker
    beard, but for now patients and illusion of a full beard is my friend

  4. Hi my dad can grow a beautiful thick Bin Laden beard but at the moment all
    I have is bum fluff. Thin patchy hair. It doesn’t even grow underneath my
    chin and on my neck. Any advice you can provide please? Thanks!

  5. Very informative and encouragement

  6. Very helpful video man! Really appreciate it. Keep up the great work!

  7. Thank you for these tips!

  8. Excellent video and a very positive outlook,approach and advice. Thanks

  9. After listening to your advice, watching your other vids, id like to say
    thankyou for this information & tips! You’ve won yourself another

  10. Thanks Beard Baron, I always turn to you for all of my beard issues. 

  11. Also, exercise (especially strength workouts) increase testosterone. Thus,
    helping beard growth.

    Great channel! Subbed :)

  12. Once again thanks for the amazing video!

    Also I have a question how do you get your beard hairs to look straight
    like all going down sort of neat look. Oh and btw your mustache wax is
    amazing really happy with it.

    Thanks again michael

  13. hello, i can grow sideburns, and a good amount hair on my chin, and my
    mustache area, but 1. it doesnt connect like you were saying in the goatee
    area, and 2. it doesnt turn in to a full beard, it goes almost connecting
    to my chin but doesn’t, like 2cm from chin to sideburns, and i was
    wondering why it does that?

  14. I am 39 and I can not get it to grow in certain spots. It stays pretty
    bald. It is really patchy. The last time I tried to grow it I let it go for
    about 5 weeks. I saw some hairs in the patchy areas but the were really
    weak looking. Do you have any suggestions for me???

  15. To all the young ‘uns out there struggling with their facial hair: don’t
    despair. I could barely grow a goatee until my late twenties, by 30 I’d
    pretty much given up on the idea of having facial hair at all. Then between
    32 and 34 my coverage skyrocketed – I’ll be turning 35 in a month and I’m
    about one a half month into growing my first full beard. The cheeks are
    still thinner than the rest but I’m surprised at how thick everything else
    is coming in already. Just got to be patient, don’t trust anyone who’ll try
    to sell you miracle cures – at best it’ll be snake oil, at worst (minox)
    you could seriously mess up your body. And the Baron’s advice is gold on
    another point – don’t fall into the trap of thinking “full beard or
    nothing”. An epic partial beard beats a half-assed full beard any day. 

  16. Thank you for the awsome video. I guess time will be my friend now. 

  17. Just got out of the Army after 14 years, now able to finally grow out my
    Loving it!

  18. My beard grows very weird, the left side of my face grows towards the right
    and the right side grows normally, any recommendations ?!?!?!?

  19. Can you stimulate manually your follicles? like with a massage or something
    like that?

  20. I have been growing my beard since Oct now. Should I shape it now or wait? 

  21. How do you deal with hair that grows sideways? The hair under the jawline
    on both sides grow towards my ear while the hair on m cheeks grow
    downwards.I’m at the 6 week mark, and i’m not sure what to do next with it.

  22. Is testosterone a factor, in terms of a hormone for one to have a beard and
    for one to give it time to fully grow and fill in patches?

  23. Soooo…. If you’re 37, and still have insane patches, and it takes almost
    a month to grow a light mustache and decent goatee (slight connector hairs
    on one side), your pretty much screwed, huh? 

  24. Hi I’m only 14 but I’m the only one in my 8th grade that can grow pretty
    much a bit of a beard cause I grow my side burns upper lip area and neck
    and random hairs on my chin lol… I was wandering if u think I’ll be able
    to grow a full face beard. Btw I’m part Italian part German and part Irish
    not sure if that helps but anyway NICE BEARD BRO :)

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