How to Clear Blocked Arteries with Natural Health Remedies Call Dr. Needle 770-612-3400 for a consultation. This video explains How to Clear Blocked Arteries with Natural Health Remedies. Dr. Needle, a Medical Intuitive,…


  1. I think you need some health improovment yourself !!!!

  2. I’m sorry but I don’t think God has anything to do with this. To me it’s
    like divining and not of God.

  3. Diet with more fatty stuff will result to clogged arteries. Accumulated
    fats stocked in your arteries can also trigger serious heart condition.

  4. The body has its own intuitive healing process. Its called the immune
    system, it is the intelligence of the body. man must learn to understand
    it, learn to work with it. instead of ignoring it. Blocked arteries are
    believed to be the result of the body being too acidic.The body seeks then
    to be alkaline to neutralise some of its strong acids, but the body is
    constantly bombarded with acidic food stuff. The strong acidic content in
    the blood begins to scar the delicate tissue in the inner lining of the
    artery, thus causing the body to produce cholesterol in abundance, and to
    use it as a scab to prevent further damage to the tissue. This scabbing is
    what causes plague build up in the artery resulting in blocked arteries.

  5. I understand preaching health and know health I have studied it for years
    now and struggle to undo the bad things I have dun but I do think its kind
    of screwed up that this guy makes a video about being healthy and clearing
    blocked arteries then he is a fat person who dus not take care of his self

  6. 2 bad habits that give you clogged up arteries, commercial butter& Chlorine
    in our water supply. This creates free radicals that damage the walls of
    your arteries.
    When your artery walls get damaged by free radicals the the cholesterol
    heals the damaged artery walls. 

  7. We’re living in a chemical world and they’re everywhere, the food we eat,
    the water we drink, and the air we breathe. We can’t even take a hot
    shower with getting into the Chlorine gas chamber. You have over 15,000
    man made chemicals to deal with.
    Sad but true and the American diet has gone down the tubes.

  8. Looks like he needs to try a vegan diet himself before it’s too late!

  9. Vitamins can not work without minerals and vitamins & minerals can not work
    very well with live digestive enzymes.

  10. food list using pendulum???

  11. To bad all doctors didn’t feel this.’s always about pop a pill and
    you’re all better meanwhile all pills do is put a bandaid on situation
    instead of curing the’s always about the body. Our bodies
    were built to survive until they’re broken down by preservatives, free
    radicals, etc etc etc. …

  12. Dear Dr. when do you come to London,UK

  13. This is not a very good translation.

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