HOW TO ANALYZE PEOPLE ON SIGHT – FULL AudioBook – Human Analysis, Psychology, Body Language

How To Analyze People On Sight – FULL Audio Book – by Elsie Lincoln Benedict & Ralph Pain Benedict – Human Analysis, Psychology, Body Language – In this popular American book from the 1920s,.

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  1. Talked for 50 minutes about stuff everyone knows about. I quit.

  2. you all know this is a volunteer reading site and you can volunteer. Do
    something about it if you don’t like them, stop judging them

  3. I didn’t give it much time, but is this for real to analyse people for
    their looks? i mean to say if a person is fat or w/e they are to say how
    their personality is like, what am i missing? can any one explain if i’m
    listening wrong to this, i found it annoying and not very respectful for an
    intelligent analysis on people…

  4. i don’t understand why people are ripping the lady for her accent. it’s not
    like it was hard to understand what she was saying. why didn’t anyone rip
    the british guy for sounding different since that what everyone is doing
    with the lady.

  5. why is there a different voice for every chapter? And wtf is up with the
    chapter 2 part 1 voice? Barely knows English….

  6. I love how you stupid mother fuckers in the comments make fun and have no
    problem with the degradation of the Chinese. I’d love to see your liberal
    asses say a word if that was a black man. You wouldn’t, cause you have no
    fucking balls. You pick on the one’s you know won’t fight back. People who
    mind their own business. I see it in real life too. Call out some Muslim
    asshole, you won’t, again cause you are spineless.

  7. How to analyze people on sight: *A 7 hour instruction.*

    #psychology #physiology #fun 

  8. I was listening to this interesting audio until the Chinese readers with
    bad oratory skills killed the sessions!
    Such a shame…please get someone qualified to reread the chapters, so that
    we can continue listening to this interesting topic.
    Honestly it’s absolutely frustrating!!!!

  9. Chapter Three was very painful to listen to. The lady had a very peasant
    voice but I didn’t understand much. :(

  10. Is this nonsense meant to be serious?

  11. The ability to “read” people gets better with time. For example, somebody
    morbidly obese is almost always self-destructive. Being super-fat is a real
    handicap, but one that is totally preventable or curable, unlike being
    paralyzed from the waist down.
    Also, you know the type that always seem to have a phony smile on their
    faces? I’ve noticed that this type of man is almost always capable of
    sudden, violent behavior at the expense of others.
    Let see, what else?
    Most older adults can tell whether somebody is, or recently has been, a
    chronic addict. You know the type if you’ve lived in a big city for a
    while: skinny, gaunt,
    scanning eyes of the predator, looking for victims, and they always want
    something from you and have absolutely no embarrassment about bothering
    complete strangers. Behavior while actively addicted, at least, is
    consistent with that of a psychopath.
    “Got a buck?” “Spare change?” “Got a cigarette?” or they will try to start
    a conversation with you, and then they hit you up for what they want.
    There’s a certain look on a young man’s face that is not respect when he
    looks at middle-aged men that I’ve concluded over many years of experience
    that betrays the kind of thinking that “if old men are friendly to me, it’s
    because they want to have sex with me.” And there’s the look on older
    folks’ faces when
    approached by a young person that says “all young people want from us is
    money or something that money can buy.”
    Then there is that vacant, un-self-conscious, dead-eyed stare of the
    sociopath. And last, but not least, there is that tell-tale smile of the
    eyes that at once tell you that the often-older person is kindly and good.
    Oh, it’s amazing what you learn as time goes by…

    OH, by the way. I am a fat man, and everything they’ve said about our kind
    is true. hahaha

  12. Who hired the girl that describes the thoracic individual should be fired.
    She should find another career

  13. do I detect the smell of a biggot at work; ??? I do, I do.actually it is
    a Mann [666] stirring the pot…WOW!

  14. Hello Great video

    I really enjoyed the speakers the Asian one not so much her accent is kind
    of annoying so maybe in the future you want someone who speaks clearly
    don’t mean to be rude it was just kind of annoying I’m sorry

    Thank you

  15. How to analyze people by their youtube comments?

  16. Half of the people listening to this probably have an interest in
    psychology and want to work with people, yet you complain about an accent.
    What will you do if you are working with a client who has a heavy accent ?
    Think about that one.

  17. Whoa, You should watch ” WTF Bending A Mans Brain ” Great psychology movie
    and much more engaging. So good.

  18. Very interesting book however; unfortunately I still don’t know what type I
    am and feel like I’m equally all them save the cerebral — maybe :(

  19. How many people actually think this book is anything other than
    entertainment? This was written in the 1920s and it based on quackery and
    pseudo-science, learn to read a description!

  20. I love this AudioBook. I tried to get a discussion going with my husband
    re: whether, based on my perception of our relationship and considering my
    agreement with the theories put forth by Benedict, and that current
    scientific thought actually seems to validate much of what she proposed, he
    would agree that our relationship has irreconcilable differences. It goes
    against my ethics to manipulate or tamper with another personality, I feel
    as if I’ve been trying to alter my personality (fit my foot into the wrong
    size slipper) for over twenty years, this has caused enormous suffering,
    guilt, resentment, etc. on my part because I thought I was asking for too
    much, being unrealistic in my needs, yada yada yada. I asked him if he
    also thought the combination of our distinctly different personalities was
    like trying to mix oil and vinegar – while temporarily possible, it was
    simpler to combine each with a different ingredient they were more
    compatible with. I said I’d like for him to consider sitting down and
    listening to some of this audiobook with me, that I’d like his opinion –
    I’m the kind of person who thrives on discussion, idea exchanges, personal
    interactions. He didn’t understand what I was talking about and continued
    his focus on Bruce Jenner and the fatal car accident yesterday.

  21. I don’t usually give negative reviews but..
    I listened for about an hour.. and all I have to say is this is absolute
    crap and I feel. Heated out of my time which I rarely do.

  22. Wow, no problem understanding her… 

  23. im almost an hour in and so far all i have heard is like “THIS IS THE BEST
    BOOK EVER YOU MUST READ IT NOW” snd how good it is about 30 times, then i
    heard that there are 5 main types of people about 15 times, and now the
    lady is reading about how to recognize a fat person. “they have fat on
    belly, elbows, armpits, neck, and they have triple chins and their neck is
    short and they have round face. i mean really, haven’t i wasted an hour? im

  24. Muscular type: the worker. Sounds like slave to me..

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