How Flash Memory Works

How Flash Memory Works

How Flash Memory Works Be sure to subscribe us because amazing videos will come soon Flash memory is an electronic non-volatile computer storage device that …
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  1. i understood about 50% of what you talked about, I’m in college

  2. guess i lack the basic knowledge so i did not understand much

  3. can i create a pin code to my usb ?

  4. tx…..

  5. damn i can’t understand a thing.

  6. How Flash Memory Works

  7. vlsi

  8. WHAT ????

  9. Excellent explanation. Clear, concise and quick. This is how videos should

  10. iv got total zero ..lmao

  11. You would be better off watching the original from which this was ripped
    off – because it has corrections noted – How Flash Memory Works

  12. i have a tv board, is working but with a malfuction, but i believe that
    something gos wrong with firmwear. my question is, if the flash ic has a
    problem and it lose something from its data. if i read it i will get the
    correct data? or i need to find a good working flash, to read it and the
    flash that to a new ic.

  13. I wanna watch so bad but the monotone is killing me X/

  14. I’ve been looking but I can’t find how things are indexed or organized on
    flash memory, and how the the controller knows where to look(what sector to
    look in) for data. Could you give ma a link or something explaining it?

  15. Pretty Good, thank you

  16. Thanks for a great video! It is very clear.

  17. liked

  18. can u share ur e-mail id with me?

  19. Thanks! Great Video!

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