How Blood Clots Form

This short video describes how blood clots form in the body. Deep vein thrombosis or DVT occurs when a blood clots forms in the deep veins of the legs or pel…
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  1. A professional hockey player just got a blood clot….but he is a very
    active individual why did he get a blood clot? Answer: diet…ditch the
    animal products folks !! Remove the cause of illness do not just treat

  2. remember to always check your doctor about your blood work every year and
    keep check of your blood pressure too make sure it not to high of risk that
    the bad part goes see you doctor about you health you may know you body but
    that not true you body will tell you something is wrong you know it too get
    a check up now and then and keep you health in check and eat an drink
    health thing to keep long life of fitness ok

  3. Ive have just turned 25. I had my first blood clot at 23 after habing my
    baby. The pain was pain I have never experienced. I would rather do birth a
    thousand times than feel that pain again. I was on warafin for 10 months. I
    was very anxious of coming off this drug as I felt safe on it. I begged
    doctors to test me to see if I had a chance of getting any more in the
    future. ..they all refused. It was only until I sat with one doctor in
    tears saying how.scared I was I got reffered for blood tests..which showed
    I have factor v leiden. After I was tested I saw a consult ant who said it
    wud be very rare for me to ever have a blood clot and for me not to worry.
    Live a normal life…3 months later. Suprise suprise. I suffered bad pain
    in my leg which turned out to be another blood clot. This time in my
    thigh..if you think something isn’t right please get it checked out. If
    your not happy get a second opinion. Im now on warafin for life and im 25! 

  4. went i was in the hospital for a blood blood pressure a receive shot of
    injection of LOVENOX® to prevent to a blood clod in the stomach is so

  5. A few days ago I found out that I have several blood clots in my lungs. I
    just got back from the hospital. Apparently, I was really close to dying.
    I’m just really happy I’m still here, alive and well with my family and
    friends. My birth control pills did this. So please, if you’re reading this
    – if you’re on birth control pills, switch to something else that has a
    lower risk factor. Please. I really, really don’t want this to happen to
    anyone else.
    I can’t even think about how my family and friends would react. In a month
    I’m turning 20. What if I wouldn’t? My family don’t deserve that. So
    please, just.. take care of eachother, be careful and don’t use those
    goddamn pills. 

  6. thanks for the info

  7. well my moms friends died today blood clot

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  9. This video is def. a must watch.

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