High blood pressure. Suprise!

Some personal insight into highblood pressure. How to manage it. What happens if it is out of control. How diet,outlook,activity,and medication effect it. Suprise! It almost killed me,but I…

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  1. A lot has happened, and its all good! I am going to be making my way back
    there soon, and this time I am serious! Shake that ass and let them see
    what you got! Talk to you soon!

  2. Hey! I was wondering how you were,so I had to quickly write back! I’mm off
    to shake my money maker! Talk to you soon!

  3. Google Blood Pressure Chart, Gillian McKeith. She’s a holistic
    nutritionist,all around funny and caring. Her videos are on Youtube and are
    entertaining but life altering. P.s. Always look up your medications and
    read about drug interactions. Also to understand what function they provide
    what the pill looks like etc.. I google everything and check everything
    before I take any other medication in combination with my medication. You
    don’t want kidney damage or liver trouble.

  4. I eat like shit. I’m surprised I haven’t died yet. Thank goodness for great
    genes. Haven’t even got sick in a decade. Glad to hear you are well Lorne!

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