High Blood Pressure…My Testimonial\Youngevity MM

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From one of my home presentations. High Blood pressure has been a challenge for me through out my life. All it was was a Calcium and Magnesium deficiently. Youngevity’s Osteo FX gave me what…
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  1. Thanks for sharing your story. Do You have to take all of those products to
    lower BP. Did you make any changes to your diet? How long does the start up
    pack last?

  2. What was your blood pressure before you started using these products, what
    did it go down to, and what is it now? Thank you.

  3. This company is a scam. They are deceiving people by unproven claims about
    their products. The distributors entice people to sign into this with the
    prospect of making $50k per month without lifting a finger. The products
    that they are selling are sold at huge markups so that the guys at the top
    enrich themselves. The products have not been FDA tested and their claims
    have not been scientifically proven.

  4. Loved your testimony. Call me sometime. I have a couple of quick questions
    for you. Bro Thom from Arkansas 501-231-4123

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