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Question by Marie P: I have type 2 Diabetes and High Blood Pressure what can I do to get rid of it?
I have type 2 Diabetes and High Blood Pressure how can I loose weight?

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Answer by galaxy713
I was told by my doctor the other day that the only way to really lose the weight is old fashion diet and exercise. There is no “magic” pill that is best for this situation. Good luck!

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  1. Weight Loss works better than Metformin or Lisinopril!! If you cannot lose weight however, you should be an an ACE-Inhibitor (Lisinopril is the most cost-effective) if you have diabetes. I hope I helped.

  2. You can control by active life, brisk walking, well regulated diet but can’t get rid of them.
    To lose weight make walking/cycling at brisk phase at least 50 minutes a day. Control your diet. Do not fast. Take leafy vegetables, low fat food. To avoid craziness due to strict abstination, take all you like but to the barest minimum. When your weight is under control you may indulge at least one in a fortnight.

  3. Read Kevin Trudeau’s book,”Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About.” The sequel book,”More Cures…,” has a list of cures and websites that can help you.

  4. Once you are diabetic, you are always diabetic, there is no cure for it other than a pancreas transplant. However, there is good control. With diet and exercise, SOME, (not all, not even a lot) people with type 2 diabetes can control their disease for many years. Later in life they usually have to take some type of medications though. A diet lower in carbs, and daily exercise can help. Try the South Beach diet. It is great for diabetics (many nutritionists and dietitians recommend it) and those with heart problems. It is very easy to follow, will teach you about good and bad carbs, and has lists of things you can and cannot eat. It boasts reduction of belly fat first. If you decide to use it, skip phase 1 and start with phase 2. Add daily walking to the diet (30 to 45 minutes each day) and you will be amazed how fast you lose weight and how much better you feel. I have used this diet for several years to help control my diabetes. Your blood pressure will decrease as you lose weight.
    Being over weight did NOT cause you to develop type 2 diabetes. It is mostly genetic. It is a problem with the pancreas, and being overweight or eating too much sugar or the wrong foods does NOT cause it. This is a misconception that many people have…especially those with type 1 diabetes, for some reason. Those with undiagnosed type 2 can gain some weight do to the disease itself. But being overweight is not the cause. 62% (used to be 51%, but there have been new studies this year) of type 2 diabetics are not, or have ever been overweight.

  5. watch your diet. ask your doctor and nutritionist. :-)

  6. Lose weight. (You did not say whether you are overweight). Watch your sugar AND salt intake.
    Do you have medical insurance? You should be seen by a medical professional.

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  8. You will always be diabetic. However, if you eat better and exercise you can live a healthier and longer life following diabetic discipline. Interestingly enough if you follow the life style of a healthy diabetic you can gain control over both. Visit my blog site and read my story. I hope it helps.

    Best Wishes

  9. Don’t eat within 4 hours of bed.

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