Hibiscus Tea vs. Plant-Based Diets for Hypertension

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  1. How effective is hibiscus tea for lowering high blood pressure?

    Watch below or click the link to watch on NutritionFacts.org:

  2. Yes, I’ll stick to my plant based diet and not bother running 1000s of
    miles so I can eat cheeseburgers! :-)

  3. There are more and more vegan athletes.

  4. I sure appreciate the longer videos dr. greger, which gives me so many more
    points to bring up when discussing this with the many people I am trying to
    influence! It really helps us when you do so much work researching the
    many complex related ideas which put the puzzle together better for us.
    The Just Eat More Plants foundational concept keeps surfacing while others
    get bogged down with various animal vs. plant arguments.

  5. Hibiscus Teas are blood thinners, making the blood flow easily and thus
    reduces blood pressure.

  6. I just eat plants and I run marathons BOOM! :) Vegan for life peeps.

  7. Saril (Hibiscus tea) is so delicious! And it makes a great substitute for
    wine! So- have a plant based lunch or dinner, then have some delicious,
    strong, tart hibiscus tea (boiled with ginger slices and orange peel, then
    lightly sweetened with apple juice) . It’s really good!

  8. Ha ha ha! Plants for the win! Thanks Doc!

  9. Vegan for the win! Plant power XD

  10. Love your videos Doctor. They are helping me tremendously.

  11. Oh now I see why RunnersWorld magazine is still pumping/pimping chocolate
    milk, fish, meat, eggs, cheese etc for runners … yes, it’s because they
    are greedy and clueless … or just greedy? Just clueless? 

  12. If you dedicate yourself over the next 21-days and follow The 3 Week Diet
    as outlined, you will be walking around with 12 to 23 pounds of body fat
    gone from your waist, hips, thighs, belly and butt. Your clothes will be
    looser, you’ll look healthier and more attractive…and you’ll have more
    energy than you’ve ever had in a long, long time.

  13. Doc, you really need to clarify whether the hibiscus in these studies is
    the hibiscus flower associated with tropical islands, or the plant that’s
    called “sorrel” in the Caribbean, roselle in Australia, bissap in some West
    African countries, etc. They are very different, and there is some
    confusion concerning this. If you look up hibiscus sabdariffa, it is
    sorrel/roselle, not the pretty hibiscus flower seen on the boxes of
    hibiscus tea on supermarket shelves. Please, please research and clarify.

  14. I take 5,000 iu of Vit D-3 and get a Vit B-12 shot every few months or so.
    In the meantime I take Niacin B3. Having enough niacin is important for
    overall good health. As a treatment, higher amounts of niacin can improve
    cholesterol levels and lower it. I got that info on a search. You can also
    search what foods have B’s in it. The D-3 is the most important for
    everybody. I would have to lay in the sun all day to get enough that I need
    My Doctor said. I do take a walk if my foot doesn’t bother me, So I also do
    weights, stretching, pilates, and whatever else I can. 

  15. i would them to sart adding High carb low fat vegetarians and vegans to
    these studies, would love to see the data. 

  16. He’s starting to say,”eeeeh” and “uuuuuuuuh” again. Sounds so stupid.

  17. Just eat plants! Truth! Love this video!

  18. What are the other health problems associated with not getting the vitamins
    normally gotten from animal products, such as B12, D, and K2?

  19. hibiscus tea is soooooooo freaking sour!!!! teeth enamel is not happy

  20. can you make vid on coconut sugar and where it fits as a healthy sweetner

  21. who makes these study the hibiscus company?

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